Ashati Journey: Ascension 5

Affirmation this week: I will not allow other’s fears and limiting beliefs to affect my own thoughts, words or actions.

I am Light. I am Love.

This one is wild. Feeling moments of being bodily swamped by energy…shifts in consciousness, like a sudden entering into another dimension momentarily then gradually shifting back into the body. My whole body suddenly closes in and drop in heaviness, my hearing becomes muffled and I seem to stop thinking. My eyes want to close and I just sit still for a few moments until it passes. I try to follow the energy source, maybe it’s a download? But I am almost too drowsy in that moment to think clearly anyway. Very much in receiving mode.

again a whole lot of energy around the head, especially the third eye.

Last 2 nights my heart has been thumping in my chest. Slightly uncomfortable. This has happened before but I can’t remember now which activation it was. Quite a lot going on physically. Also belly upsets…have to eat less and more simple foods.

Needing to do lots of yoga, stretching and walking.

Did a meditation transmission with Steve Noble: The Lion people from Sirius. Unbelievably strong. I actually started to see and feel myself there! I feel healed and reconnected with my Lion family. That would explain my Sekhmet statue that seems to always get placed in a prominent position in my spaces. There is a reason I chose to be a Leo 🙂




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