How to reach a pure state of awakening?

Tonight I did Naomi’s Angel Contact meditation and then recited he invocation to ask for guidance from Highest Guidance with the help of the angels.

I align myself with the Highest Guidance now.
I ask for my Angels to draw very near and support me to receive the highest guidance possible for my highest good.
Angels, I am ready to receive your guidance now.
Please help me with… [state your situation or request here]


I asked to advice me about channeling…without the slightest doubts

They talked about combining all three states: mind, body and Spirit.

That all three must be aligned and in harmony, none neglected or left behind.

To be in a perfect state of calm and clarity…no fear, power and will, clarity or thought and intentions and to balance this with stable emotions,

To be in a healthy state of body, physically vital and flowing energetically

Combining these with spiritual strength and devotion.

This is the way to enlightenment and being a pure channel of love and Light on this Earth.

For it is by being on the Earth that we can rise to the heavens.

Getting Stuck and how to get Unstuck

Feeling stuck and lost are the emotional, mental and physical manifestations of beliefs.

A belief is just a repeated thought that is concentrated so much that it manifests into form as “real”. Beliefs only exist because we have created and confirmed and maintained them.

Beliefs can exist on a personal level, ie: I’m unworthy’, “I am poor”. But they also exist on the nation or even world consciousness level, ie: “We need to protect our borders”, “Muslims are terrorists’. If enough people invest in the concept (or are relentlessly manipulated through fear to accept it), it grows and grows into a belief, often existing within a system of beliefs that support it, ie: “the world is unsafe!’ This reality exists because the majority have chosen to agree for it to exist and we have repeated the thoughts that created it, in order to maintain its existence.

The wise ones say that things exist but have no inherent existence. We are such creative beings that we have created powerful beliefs that many do not question: even the things we think are inherent, like human rights and equality. These beliefs can be so culturally ‘ingrained’ that it is hard to go against the flow. We have created whole institutions around our beliefs. Schools exist in physical form because we believe that ‘education is important’ and this is what we have come up with and maintained as a collective. Marriage exists because we believe that a man and a woman together is ‘natural’ and they should commit …and then have a baby in this partnership (of course there are more open minded versions around the world thank goodness). We are so creative we then create more and more rules and beliefs within our institutions: Priests can’t be sexually active, wealthy or married because these worldly things are ‘wrong’ and should be removed as they would just distract and prevent them from reaching spiritual heights. They did not realise that we need to be grounded, rooted and secure and balanced in all ways physically in order to expand in awareness and spiritualiry.

But trying to go outside the boundary of group norms and cultural beliefs can be tricky.

People publicly proclaim and defend a belief. We love it when we find others who support our beliefs because then we feel vindicated, safe, comfortable. We know the routine. It’s easy to know and be told what to do and how to think. It’s far easier to know that you just need to show up, be on time, wear the accepted clothes and share the beliefs of everyone around you, even if you all complain and hate what you do day after day.

Just questioning some beliefs will be met with ridicule, condemnation, anger, disgust or worse. That’s because it threatens the safe and comfortable world of not having to think too much about changing beliefs. Most people like to think they are ‘different’ to everyone else but are usually more comfortable with security, predictability and boredom than risking insecurity, disappointment and challenge. Just the idea of change is scary enough.

This exists in all areas…not just the everyday existence of the 9 to 5 tax paying ‘decent and fair-minded’ battlers. It also exists amongst the more spiritually minded people and even amongst the smaller groups that think they exist outside any system. We ALWAYS exist within group belief boundaries, no matter the group we belong to or its size.

So how does all of this relate to being stuck?

When your level of consciousness starts to rise and you start to question things …but you are still living within the very belief systems and individuality-limiting institutions and groups, …you start to feel different. This is really, really scary! No one wants to be alone, outcast, side-lined. So even though the ground beneath you (that held you up and supported you for so long) starts to crumble beneath your feet, you stay. You just start scrabbling at all the broken pieces to put them back in place under your feet and be comfortable again. You deny that anything is wrong “it’s not so’s better than…”, or you delay, “next year I’ll…I’ll just wait til….,” or you drink or take drugs or do anything other than leaving the existence that you have outgrown, but is still safe and familiar ….and on and on it goes.

You are stuck.

Unable to go back due to outgrowing the old, unable to move forward due to fear of the unknown.

How to get unstuck?

What Pema Chodron calls ‘unconditional confidence’ and ‘shaky tenderness’ towards yourself are what is required. The ability to face the strong waves of sideway glances or ridicule and massive changes, and keep getting up until eventually the waves don’t seem to affect you so much anymore. Accepting that you think differently and you are changing and that is perfectly OK. Being kind to yourself and patient with the changes. Getting out of the negative self-talk patterns by punctuating the sob-stories with silence and the breath.

Take deep breaths and smile.

All things are possible and you are one of the brave. All possibilities are open to you.

And welcome to the beginning of your ascension 🙂





Alsemia 4

Felt this completely in my heart. Almost like a burning sensation. When I call in the energies, it feels very tangible. All over the body…almost transcendental. They are beautiful.

I have been feeling so rocked lately…the process of giving up my job and moving in to a new field has completely thrown me around. Things always seemed so easy before and I seemed competent. Now everything is different and things aren’t easy…I do not feel competent. The surprise is really that I am surprised at this! What on earth was I thinking? That I could change careers and everything would just flow…yeah! that’s exactly what I thought. I imagines myself painting and teaching and healing…it was all magical. Now I see websites, Facebook Pages, business cards, teaching programs, official business like insurance and ABNs and lots and lots of writing! defining, clarifying.

I did paint a painting of Sekhmet which I love and I found a woman who does art like me (only a lot better) with a phenomenal website so that really helps as a great model and someone to learn from.

The website is taking me FOREVER but I think I have found a solution in a website called Fiver that pairs you with entrepreneurs looking for small (or large) jobs. I have at least started to organise some good photos for prints etc and for the website, even putting watermarks on them.

These are the things filling my head lately…real world, physical manifestations and developments. Can’t say I’m enjoying it all but it is all part of the process.

On another note, the whales are passing by Sydney right now…hundreds and hundreds of them. So amazing!





Feeling very lost.

And stuck.

Dreamed I was crawling along a narrow sandy path between barbed wire. I was trying to get to my rather’s house to get something in the garage sneakily. Crawling because the sand was soft and crumbly with caves underneath so the path would collapse and I would need to climb out again.

When I finally arrived at the end of the path I couldn’t go to the garage because I could see my father was still awake, reading the newspaper.

So I decided to wait and curled up to rest.

My father was suddenly beside me, comforting me. He crawled in beside me and held me. At first I was nervous but then I was content to just sleep.

Trying to move forward against the odds. Falling again and again. Seems pointless.

Don’t even know what I’m heading towards.

Need comfort but resisting.

Everything feels hard.

Ashati Ascension 5_Day 17_Spirit Guiding Me

Lately, I have noticed that I am talking to myself more. Not in a weird way…well, maybe haha. I mean that I am noticing my patterns and behaviours even more and am ale to communicate with my ego side to help shift.

I have come to realise that every emotion I feel in response to what happens in my life is a perfect opportunity to NOT judge this and have a conversation with my ego-self about how to move forward together. I am kind and patient and loving towards the response and emotion and I try to understand (by just listening) what is causing the reaction. Then we discuss how we can move forward.

For example. When we did not get a job on the first round of the job search and our plans are delayed, I felt embarrassed and even deeply ashamed. for some reason I cared so much that everyone else would think me a failure. Now my Higher self knows this to be not my truth, but my ego has had too many experiences of shame and being laughed at to think more nobly. It wants to protect me and is horrified that the same thing will happen…I will be laughed at and ashamed and it goes in to action mode to help me avoid that scenario…blame is the usual route of choice but also self doubt, hiding away and avoiding and thinking negative things on the people I know would actually judge me.

I explained that those feelings are in teh past and I can handle things better now. I don’t need to be so protected. It makes for a very interesting discussion which I won’t go into here.

The biggest lesson here is to listen to my inner thoughts and feelings, give them a voice and an opportunity to see things from a different perspective and release old fearful patterns.

Spiritual Downloads

So, there is this unusual thing that has been happening …possibly for years but certainly many months that I am aware of.

I am just sitting there (usually relaxed but this may only be the times I become aware of it at those times) and suddenly everything will seem to just shift inwards and somehow (very hard to explain) sideways…like I have entered into another dimension or something? I lose connection to the normal sounds around me, they recede. And then I hear this particular long ringing sound deep inside my left ear. It’s a very distinct high sound (maybe D?) and last for about 5 seconds.

They come every few days to a week apart.

I am not aware of what is being downloaded yet. They make me feel calm.

Just looked it up on Youtube found this…

Day 16- Ascension 5 Tarot Reading

Oh My God! This is just getting worse and worse. I just gave myself a tarot reading and said ‘No matter what, I will listen to this’ then I laid out the cards UPSIDE DOWN! The entire spread was negative and horrible but because I asked for Truth, honesty, love and compassion and also that I would accept it no matter what I now have no escape from the messages.

The spread and interpretation:


  1. What’s happening now_Page of wands reversed: delays, talking but not doing it. (Answer: Work Hard towards the goal, you can do anything!)
  2. What’s crossing me for good or bad_King of Pentacles reversed: wealth and opulence and laziness, complains but does nothing to change it. (Answer: Get cracking and be a business minded person…there will be success through self worth of a job well done, action required)
  3. The root cause or basis and inner feelings_9 of wands reversed:looking back and focussing on the negatives (Answer: Stop delaying and start doing!)
  4.  Past…what’s leaving_3 of wands reversed: Can’t move forward, delays, not right timing (Answer: Make decisions!)
  5. What crowns me, the possible outcomes if nothing changes_Death reversed: refusing change, stagnation, fear and resentment, holding on to the old. (Answer: Look differently like the Hanged Man, change your perspective!).
  6. Near future_Wheel of Fortune reversed: Life has its ups and downs but all things change, get ready for change (Answer: meditate and go within for wise counsel, reassess, write and plan then shine your light on the world)
  7. My own negative feelings_8 of pentacles reversed: Lacking commitment to the work at hand. (Answer:Don’t give up! Look long term and work steadily towards the goal, it will be fruitful!)
  8. The feelings of others around me_Magician reversed: ungrounded, scattered thoughts and energy, feeling empty. (Answer: It’s not working so get back to intuition, go back to being the Fool: take the leap of faith in innocence and trust and have no fear of not knowing)
  9. My own positive feelings_Judgment reversed: I DONT KNOW! there’s no clarity. Self doubt and self judgement. Overly hard or critical of myself. Trying to avoid external  judgement through inaction, fear of not passing the test/ failing. (Answer: Be creative, proactive and have fun like the Sun, don’t take life so seriously. There has been momentum building , now is not the time for shyness, doubt, hesitation)
  10. The Outcome_Queen of swords reversed: No insight, critical of self and others, stirs up drama, bitter and resentful. (Answer: Be swift and quick witted and smart. See an opportunity where no-one else does and go for it with all your efforts…mentally, physically and emotionally!)

Stuck in old ways, thinking negative things about people I have already left..secretly happy when things go wrong and dramas because that helps to justify my decisions. Not liking people but still thinking about them, even talking about them even though I never see them. Stirring up problems and drama.

Not committing…thinking everything is already very comfortable and safe and cosy and scared of moving out and onwards. Stuck in old patterns of thinking and scared of change. Wanting the best of both worlds dog, my girls and family and friends but also dissing them and complaining that I am stuck…that they keep me stuck. Which they don’t at all. I’m quite capable of doing whatever I want.

For our move…I thought of all the things that would go wrong rather than really planning for the changes ahead. I ‘knew’ Herve would make it happen, I sat on my laurels and did nothing much in preparation. I focussed on the past, ate and watched videos.

Uncommitted to my new life..still dwelling on the old. Not showing a disciplined approach to the work…one minute saying how brilliant I am and the next doing a little bit of work before relaxing and rewarding myself with whatever…coffees, movies etc. Extremely lazy and not showing much dedication to what I want,…because I’m not sure I do want it…I find reasons why I don;”t do things or even why it would not be a good idea to have them be successful. And then complain because I am not successful!

I know this is related to my lucid dream in the last post…I need to stay out of that pool and start looking to the future with positive thinking and manifesting…by actually DOING what needs to be done!

I will relax into the new way of being and thinking…I am Light and Love and I have support. I can grow and change. I am capable and confident and smart and creative. I can be disciplined and active. I will lose the weight, get active with my business and start the new journey ahead. No more mucking around in self indulgent nonsense and no more getting involved with gossip and drama and bad karma.


What to do?

  • Work Hard towards the goal, you can do anything! 
  • Get cracking and be a business minded person…there will be success through self worth of a job well done, action required so start putting your mental clarity towards it, stop moping around feeling lost. 
  • Stop delaying and start doing!
  • Make decisions!
  • Look differently like the Hanged Man, change your perspective and look at things with new eyes!
  • Meditate and go within for wise counsel, reassess, write and plan then shine your light on the world
  • It’s not working so get back to intuition, go back to being the Fool: take the leap of faith in innocence and trust and have no fear of not knowing
  • Don’t give up! Look long term and work steadily towards the goal, it will be fruitful!
  • It’s not working so get back to intuition, go back to being the Fool: take the leap of faith in innocence and trust and have no fear of not knowing
  • Be creative, proactive and have fun like the Sun, don’t take life so seriously
  • Be swift and quick witted and smart. See an opportunity where no-one else does and go for it with all your efforts…mentally, physically and emotionally!

Forge ahead and be a successful business woman…painter, healer, reader, writer, spiritual guide.

Thank you Tarot!

Day 11- Ascension 5- Lucid Dream


I had a lucid dream coming out of sleep today.

I was in a place and I heard “would you like to get out?” and I said ‘yes’ and swam to the side and lifted myself out (kinda like a swimming pool of thickened muddy water). I stood up and looked back and down…the ‘pool’ was full of swirling, dark, murky water. I was thinking, ‘oh my god, was I in that?’ and no wonderings been so hard! It’s so yucky and thick and there’s no freedom to move and feel light. Full of drama and gossip and heaviness and resentment and fear and insecurities.

Then I sawSaint Francis who came over and starting reminding me about how we go in cycles rather than straight up with our journeys to God. And I was at the bottom of a spiral.

I started crying and apologising saying that I’m so sorry I haven’t done anything…things aren’t woking out and I am not making progress anywhere…it’s just all bad news. He said “wake up your husband and you’ll know how we feel” so i did and when Herve saw I was crying he immediately starting holding me tightly and reassuring me with beautiful positive words of love.

I asked my guides ‘do I need to go back in the pool?’

That’s up to me