Day 11- Ascension 5- Lucid Dream


I had a lucid dream coming out of sleep today.

I was in a place and I heard “would you like to get out?” and I said ‘yes’ and swam to the side and lifted myself out (kinda like a swimming pool of thickened muddy water). I stood up and looked back and down…the ‘pool’ was full of swirling, dark, murky water. I was thinking, ‘oh my god, was I in that?’ and no wonderings been so hard! It’s so yucky and thick and there’s no freedom to move and feel light. Full of drama and gossip and heaviness and resentment and fear and insecurities.

Then I sawSaint Francis who came over and starting reminding me about how we go in cycles rather than straight up with our journeys to God. And I was at the bottom of a spiral.

I started crying and apologising saying that I’m so sorry I haven’t done anything…things aren’t woking out and I am not making progress anywhere…it’s just all bad news. He said “wake up your husband and you’ll know how we feel” so i did and when Herve saw I was crying he immediately starting holding me tightly and reassuring me with beautiful positive words of love.

I asked my guides ‘do I need to go back in the pool?’

That’s up to me

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