Feeling very lost.

And stuck.

Dreamed I was crawling along a narrow sandy path between barbed wire. I was trying to get to my rather’s house to get something in the garage sneakily. Crawling because the sand was soft and crumbly with caves underneath so the path would collapse and I would need to climb out again.

When I finally arrived at the end of the path I couldn’t go to the garage because I could see my father was still awake, reading the newspaper.

So I decided to wait and curled up to rest.

My father was suddenly beside me, comforting me. He crawled in beside me and held me. At first I was nervous but then I was content to just sleep.

Trying to move forward against the odds. Falling again and again. Seems pointless.

Don’t even know what I’m heading towards.

Need comfort but resisting.

Everything feels hard.

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