Alsemia 4

Felt this completely in my heart. Almost like a burning sensation. When I call in the energies, it feels very tangible. All over the body…almost transcendental. They are beautiful.

I have been feeling so rocked lately…the process of giving up my job and moving in to a new field has completely thrown me around. Things always seemed so easy before and I seemed competent. Now everything is different and things aren’t easy…I do not feel competent. The surprise is really that I am surprised at this! What on earth was I thinking? That I could change careers and everything would just flow…yeah! that’s exactly what I thought. I imagines myself painting and teaching and healing…it was all magical. Now I see websites, Facebook Pages, business cards, teaching programs, official business like insurance and ABNs and lots and lots of writing! defining, clarifying.

I did paint a painting of Sekhmet which I love and I found a woman who does art like me (only a lot better) with a phenomenal website so that really helps as a great model and someone to learn from.

The website is taking me FOREVER but I think I have found a solution in a website called Fiver that pairs you with entrepreneurs looking for small (or large) jobs. I have at least started to organise some good photos for prints etc and for the website, even putting watermarks on them.

These are the things filling my head lately…real world, physical manifestations and developments. Can’t say I’m enjoying it all but it is all part of the process.

On another note, the whales are passing by Sydney right now…hundreds and hundreds of them. So amazing!




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