So I have joined BOTA. A funny thing happened…I signed up and paid for the month. I received access to the site and the first lesson (the first lesson is sent via email from the site once you join) …I read the couple of pages and promptly forgot it. I waited for my package with my first 4 lessons.

3 weeks later I still had not received my lessons.

I finally set up the little ritual for initiation. I performed the ritual, signed my name and just felt stronger.

That night I went to Mary-Anne’s meditation group and in the meditation, I smoked a pipe with an elder.  That’s all that happened the entire meditation…we passed the pipe between us and took a puff over and over. I kept trying to make other magical things happen but it always came back to this.  I came home and looked up this meaning and it turns out I was confirming the commitment I had made. Our sacred pipe ceremony sealed it!

The next day I received my package of lessons!

I looked at the first lesson and found pages I had not seen! New information and I was able to actually understand what was written. I looked back at the downloaded lesson 1 and it was all there! For some magical reason I had not been able to ‘access’ it properly until I had performed the ritual and committed.

Crazy and exciting times ahead!

But what do I want?

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