Who are your spirit guides?

Who are your Spirit Guides? …..You!

Your spirit guides are your higher selves..aspects of your soul living in the higher dimensions. Fractals of your soul already in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions..and beyond.

When you came to Earth, you detached part of you to live in the 3D. Well, not exactly detached…you’re still attached to ALL parts of you and indeed to Everything, but when you passed the veil, you lost awareness of that higher part of yourself that vibrates at a higher frequency within and around the Torus of your energy system. You had to slow down part of yourself quite a bit just to pass the veil to come into the world of form and matter. The slower, denser energies (and the physical body itself) formed to live in this NOW on Earth.

Isn’t that so cool?! No wonder guides say they are always with you and encourage you and want you to learn and grow…they ARE you. It also explains why they are always there..patiently waiting for you to listen to the higher wisdom of your own soul and Spirit beyond.

Of course you also have many teachers that come and go depending on what you are learning. They may be ascended masters or ‘friends’ from other dimensions and galaxies or archetypal energies coming in to boost your consciousness. It’s all rather magnificent. …On one level you could say they are you too as we are all ONE anyway 🙂 

To access guides more easily, the trick is to work through the denser lower emotional bodies attached to the lower 3 chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus). As you release old patterns of perception and let go of fear and limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions…you access the higher and higher vibrations of the higher energy bodies…most importantly, you access the Astral layer and THAT is where your guides are patiently waiting for you 🙂


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