Sirius Energies

This week is the first week of July. It is the week when our Sun is furthest away and Sirius is so bright in our night sky. It is 28 times brighter than our own sun!

Last night I was sitting outside with my family enjoying a night fire and marshmallows when I spotted Sirius and told everyone it was the brightest star in the sky. They all laughed about it being so serious but I was simply amazed at how bright it was.

This week I taught my friend how to channel her guides and I cleared her aura. Apparently this is the best thing to do at this time of year…start a new meditative practice and clear old energies. How in flow and synchronised are we?!

I also painted Sirius in a painting this week, even the 3 magi who followed the star to Jesus.

Wow! This world blows my mind

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