Spirit animal and Aboriginal Assistance

SO, A friend and I go to the national park each week to go for a beautiful walk in nature, enjoy a picnic lunch and also practice our channeling. Last week was magnificent! We went to the Royal NP and sat in the Audley flats. I set up a cone around us and crystal grid, called in protection and the channeling was amazingly clear and so beautiful. Messages were of love and hope and peace and offered advice on where to offer help (children and animals).

This week, we thought we would combine the cliffs and maybe catch a lagging whale…which we did!…


We walked to the sacred pool at Curracurrang. The walk was divine and we saw beautiful New Holland honeyeaters.

The waterfall was noisy but it was idyllic for a picnic. We talked a lot about nature and the Earth and were accompanied by Crow. We then walked back and stopped off to find a good spot for channeling.

We walked off the track on the cliffs. We started getting signs which I persistently ignored or misinterpreted…friend saw a hand, was it saying stop or waving? I even started talking about how you can go on Earth-walks to read the signs from nature (which I experienced with Heather Price whilst doing Shamanic Path training). I have been receiving messages lately about respect and honour. Respecting and honouring myself and others and the journey and places and the energy itself. We chatted about this too.

Most importantly we chose a spot that was on the cliffs, unprotected from the wind and where people had been recently leaving water bottles and images of penises on the sand. We also ignored this.

I always like to do ritual to start our sessions but I must admit to not feeling the sacredness of things. I tried for a long time to alight the sage and cleanse ourselves and the area..this may have been our saving grace. I started to call in the channeling energies I had been taught and ground ourselves and started calling in our guides, Archangel Michael etc

Then a massive crow came and cawwed at us from just above our heads on the rock. I stopped but then continued. I even thought it must be some message but I didn’t know what. Then I asked friend if she would like to say anything. She said “I think we need to stop’. I was actually relieved and stopped immediately. The crow flew away. Friend said she saw three aboriginal people standing and watching and saying it was ok then walked away as we had stopped.

We left straight away from the area.

Now, what the hell was going on?

Firstly, I was ashamed at not picking up any of the signs even though they were ridiculously obvious and felt I had let myself and guides down. I was unsure if we had done something wrong (maybe by performing ritual off the tracks) and I had received numerous reminders to be more mindful…by falling down the track at one point and going off track and having to walk through the thick bush and also at the pool when I realised I was scattered and tried to slow and breathe. All pointing out to be more mindful.

But that night I went in to meditation and got a little more insight. Firstly I saw that the recent visitors had defiled the space and their imprint had been left. I don’t think they were bad people at all, just that they were being influenced by the energy themselves. I saw a man jump from the cliff but I’m not sure if this was recent or a long time ago. Like the area had wrong energy and it would be a really bad idea to open up to the astral plane at that place. IN Aboriginal culture, places are sacred and some places are defiled. I think this was one of those places.

So the next question is, what was I learning through this experience?

Firstly, RESPECT! respect for my own intuition (which was blaring at me but which I over-rode by thinking I was doing what was expected) and the messages that are sent to me by way of guidance (I love how a big CROW came and yelled at us after we didn’t listen to any of the other more subtle signs.) I feel as though we are being held to higher standards now. No more playing around.

Secondly, be mindful. Mindful of where I am, what is gong on around me and what I am trying to do and why I am doing it.

Thirdly, big respect for the traditional custodians of this land. For 65, 000 years!


They have lived and looked after this land and know its secrets. I feel like a little cub getting a very gentle tap on my wrist..in a kind and protective way. They were probably watching us all day.

I apologised to everyone involved and renewed my apologies to the Archangels for not listening to them last week during an activation.

I have a LOT to learn. I am such a small and unknowing person gaining access to grandeur and stumbling along the way, needing help and rescue from the spirit world when I make mistakes (a few times now).

I am so grateful that I am loved and deemed worthy of teaching, even though I stuff up sometimes.



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