Spirit Animals_how they help us

Animals hold vibrational frequencies that can assist us on our journeys. The more we are aware of their spirit and connect with them, the more they can help us to expand.

Winnie the pooh

Just stepping outside and bringing your awareness to the sound of a bird and allowing that sound to become part of you, right here, right now, in that moment…you are connecting to Source. The animal kingdom is of the 3rd Dimension. Where thought forms have clumped into denser energy and become carbon forms with intelligence through a brain (unlike the forces and elements and chemical properties of the 1D mineral kingdom and the sentience of the 2D plant kingdom.

Some animals, such as our pets, vibrate at a very high frequency as they are an expression of ourselves in purity. We grow a lot when we connect with our pets and learn much about unconditional love and loyalty amongst other lessons. The trick is to not always talk to your pet but listen also and feel their love.

And then there are our spirit animals. They walk beside you and once you connect with them (usually one is strongest of all) there is no more questioning that you are absolutely and unconditionally loved by Spirit.

My spirit animal is wolf. Here is a video of my first ever encounter with Wolf in England. It howled and howled and kept looking at me and coming over and whimpering.

I have received messages both from other people and through my own guidance – channeling and dreams and in meditation, that wolf is my spirit animal. Not only do I know this in my very being…I have also met IRL !! (see my journal entry here for more details. I think this is very unusual. I have not heard of it before from anyone else. Having said that, I think many people have met their spirit animals but were unaware at the time that the animal was from Spirit. More about my wolf here https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/01/wolf/

For example, just this week I met Raven in the ‘real’ world who came to warn me of the dangers of opening to the astral plane in areas that have been defiled. (see previous post) When I was lost in the bush, I stumbled across Fox who was trying to tell me to wisen-up! quick smart and get a grip, think more. 🙂 Lovely fox!

On an Earth walk with Heather Price in Shamanic training, I came across an enormous collection of spiders on massive webs. Spider was teaching me that I am part of the web of life, part of community and needed to find my own community and get connected into the web and play my part.More here from May 2016 https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/28/882/

On another occasion spider came and bit me when I (once before) got off path at the national park and opened to ceremony. https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/21/spider-bite/


It seems the spirit world has to over exaggerate to get my attention 😛

These love birds in my garden taught me an appreciation of partnership and love and affection: So synchronised, just like my husband and me for 25 years!

DSC_2862.JPGAnd of course let’s not forget the feathers! My very first post on this blog. franinthevortex.com/2016/01/29/receiver-of-feathers/



And then there is whale who came to me when I was asking for the spirit animal of a client: “What is her spirit animal?” I asked. Within 10 minutes I enter a clearing from the bush and see a massive whale breaching and tossing about out on the ocean. That one made me laugh out loud!

And Goanna who came to confirm it was OK to start the grid of Ashati healers into the Australia wide meditation:


Here is an example of how to open yourself to signs in nature like I was taught:

https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/09/first-ashati-meditation-circle-sydney/ as well as https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/28/882/

What animals have been trying to communicate with you recently? Can you remember a time when an animal came (seemingly out of nowhere) and shared a message with you? Ask a question now and then look to the animal kingdom and find the answer coming to you, you just need to notice. Pay attention from now on…they are always trying to share their wisdom.

I haven’t explored much of this site, just did a quick search, but this might help some people…but keep in mind that Spirit speaks directly to you! with all your experiences and knowledge and thoughts…so it’s always good to make your own meanings too!


Love, love, love to you X




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