Alsemia 8

Unbelievable LOVE

Raw, open, exposed, Giving and Receiving LOVE

I adore my husband and I feel completely and utterly adored

Also AGAIN a sore neck, this time was the right side. (Alsemia was the left side of head and very sore neck pain and insecurity). Last night, after A8, I felt so much love and then I had a few moments of panic and fear…but ti passed quite quickly.

Feeling drawn to teaching



Alsemia 7: Self Mastery and the Truth Card

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level.” —Eckhart Tolle

Self Mastery

I am trying to master my emotions, my mind and my body. It’s not easy!

The process of coming to your own Truth. Everybody must overcome their own obstacles and must expose their own illusions and no one can grow you for you!

Looking deep inside myself and acknowledging what I find can be quite a challenge. To see myself raw…as I truly am, without filters and blinders. In all my strength and glory and in all my weaknesses: able to offer great love and be loved wholeheartedly; able to shine and also able to hide; able to forgive and also able hold on to pain; able to step into authenticity and also able to project only what I think is acceptable to others; able to have sovereignty and able to stick to what I know: the small and familiar, even when I am stuffing a lion into a kitten’s body. My thoughts and my choices in every moment are mine to own and they determine my destiny. I choose love. I choose sovereignty. I choose to be me, in all my humanity. To look deep inside myself and feel all of it, own all of it and change what needs changing. I choose to be my own master and no longer have ears and eyes for what others tell me I should and shouldn’t be. …I choose to be free.


The actual events:

Monday: sore neck out of nowhere

Tuesday: channeling for Marian difficult! So insecure and not in flow. Worried about being seen and stepping up into visibility. Anxious about having too much work and people’s expectations of me and my abilities. Could I even channel?!

Wednesday cancelled Anastasia healing.

Thursday: Sore neck got a bit better

Alsemia 7 in the afternoon

Friday: sore neck and as bad as ever!

Called my past lives to me (from dark dungeons) and ancestral line to transmute into the light… me! I would engulf them in my love. Carried then around all day sending then love and light.

Started to remember lives of being attached and killed for having the second sight.

Saw a trailer ‘The witch’ so fascinated!

Saturday: Sore neck again! Started talking with Herve about feeling insecure

Did Steve nobles latest meditation which was about releasing old karma of past lives and ancestral lines! The universe is so in sync!

That might dreamt about soaking in a bath that flooded the whole house.

And really big spiders: black and orange

Woke up and neck is much better!