Arcturian Encounter

8.10.17 5am Arcturian live webinar with Suzanne Lie and Shawna Dollop.

During the meditation: On the ship: I was wearing silver boots and white pants and a light blue top. I was in a room with many screens and I was busy looking at them and pressing buttons. I was human then and got his attention. He turned and was so happy…he sat down opposite me and held my hands.

Part 2: taken to a little room and asked if I would accept transmission (again). I said yes! “Accept your own journey. We are all moving towards single point connection in our own way”

Feeling excited to be surrounded by those that accept also. Happy to have connected and shared this experience.
What was I doing on the ship? Observing, interacting and watching for the responses…over time. Almost like market research. What occurrences make the best impact and outcomes? We us this information to assist with the first contact decisions. We also assist communications. 


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