The Emperor -Tarot

Reason. vision  (insight). Mars and Aries = RULER 

The Emperor sits with authority upon his throne. He regulates, supervises and overseas with strength (he will go to war if necessary as he is armoured (Mars: God of war) and the Aries (ram) is action, head and vision. He sees. He uses intellect and a clear rational mind to exert will for the greater good.

Vision (Aries) is chief. It is our strongest sense. But what is our vision? And what is it based on? We must see things clearly and truthfully (as they are) as the quality of our vision (perspective) will determine the right direction and rate of our progress towards our freedom.

Our freedom is knowing that we are co-creating everything: individually and collectively. We are our own rulers. Most of us are just blindly bumbling along reacting. The emperor suggests we take stock, observe, get perspective, release the old limiting ways (thoughts, behaviours and patterns…forcefully if necessary, then envision the new…free and strong in Truth and sovereignty.

The Emperor says “Right now you are the master of your own life: of ALL the circumstances and environmental conditions which you find yourself in. Have you noticed them with honesty? Are they good enough? Do they fit with the vision of what you what to be, have, do? If not, what needs to be transmuted(destroyed and rebuilt). You are not a slave to circumstances. You are free from the delusional dream (not right sight) that your past thoughts and actions restrict your current right to be freedom and to choose.


  • Throne is stone and solid, he knows that some visions mean compromise: not having some things now to reach the long term goal.
  • Globe and sceptre: dominance: the masculine and feminine potencies of the radiant mental energies (Life force).
  • Purple robe: the colour of royalty

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