Alsemia 11 and the importance of atonement

 Alsemia 11

A nice gentle one in the day. Felt the energies in the heart and head.

But a few days later…hysterical crying over a song (not this one linked below but another similar one by Stellar.)

Much deeper hurts about criticism, humiliation being played out for me to see, understand and rise above (tried working through intellectually but simply got myself more entangled in all the useless thinking. Letting go of the ego layer by layer.

Feeling raw, refreshed. Washed.

Listened to Abraham. Understood.

Read about relationships. Understood.

Need to atone. Thinking only about my side of the story. Not taking responsibility. So hard to say sorry! But I am. Understood.



What a wild day!


I spent this day on a wild treasure hunt. Watching lots of videos and opening books at random pages and reading random things on FB. Lots about Horus and the Blue Avian beings and the Essenes and Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. Lots of interesting connections and overlaps and discoveries.

The culmination was when I was watching a vid of Mary M with tabs open on the ACE Edgar Case library, the Pistis Sophia Essene gospel when Mark, a person I channeled for 2 months ago suddenly sent me a message saying “Hello Francine, I though  you might need some encouragement! I had channeled Mary Magdalene for him!!

I bought the book her suggested of the Mary Magdalene Gospel and the O manuscript and thought how cool it was that Spirit confirmed my path so beautifully.

Have organised a group meet up in Jan to practice the AR.