The Female sexual energy- Untamed

Shakti: the very essence of Divine Creative Energy.

It is up to all of us, individually, to reclaim this creative life force by simply owning our own divine personal sexual expression….with free abandon! 🙂

The Divine Feminine energy encapsulate  and manifests THE Creation life force. When we allow this life force energy to flow, we move into a better state of health, vitality, receptivity and creativity. This is a very personal healing journey (centred around the sacral chakra) that many women are experiencing at this time.

Reclaiming the Goddess within is sacred work!

(Art gifs by George Redhawk)

For when the divine feminine and divine masculine energy come together in equality, we create a sacred union and become whole. We hold both energies within and thus this process happens within each person! but is also symbolically expressed between persons.

We all hold aspects of the Divine Feminine within and thus we are able to call in and hold the qualities of love, beauty, acceptance, receptivity, gentleness, nurturing kindness, intuition, priestess devotion and insight and the stored memory of the ages. When we are able to bring these gifts into a sacred union with our Divine Masculine energies of order, form, organisation, action, confidence and assertiveness, we are able to manifest our whole Truth. This sacred union gives birth to a new positive energy which can find positive expression in the world.

We can see all kinds of dysfunction in our world when we lack balance within.

On a daily basis, we allow, accept and even perpetuate many myths, negative imagery and limiting beliefs about the female sexual energy and the female form. This disrespect towards women and the feminine energies has also resulted in widespread rejection of the wisdom of the heart, gentleness and the healing arts…now finally starting to change. There are many, many ways women are taught to feel guilt and shame for their own powerful form and sexual energy. The female sexual energy is often seen as a source of power that needs to be harnessed, controlled, hidden, ‘fixed up’ or suppressed in one form or another. these are some examples I can think of..

  • The female form is overly distributed in it’s naked form so as to desensitise and cheapen it’s beauty. To make it seem trashy and ‘easy’ and objectified for pleasurable gratification. Pornification of the female from and sexual union.
  • Societies may force the submission of the feminine power by demanding it be hidden in some way through overt or discreet dress codes, enforced through disapproval and judgement. Women can be banned from certain areas due to her ‘uncleanliness’ or ability to distract.
  • Western mythology has attached female sexuality to Original Sin (Eve). This shame can run very deep within the psyche and cause confusion around the archetypal roles of the Mother/Madonna/dove and the prostitute/whore/snake, particularly when women become mothers.
  • Some women (and some men in certain industries) feel that the natural female form is not perfect just as it is and needs some form of adjustment, either surgical or structural.  Women can feel the pressure for the push up bra, high heels or even cosmetic surgery to enhance the ideal shape or remove the imperfections.

To become more aware of how we are personally giving away your own feminine energy and power is a good first step. To observe how we are not owning our Truth and power.

We are all energy connected to ALL. When we allow your own perceptions of our human sexuality to shift in a more positive way and step into our own sexual expression, we affect the consciousness of the whole human collective. Healing our wounds and moving forward into Grace and Honour of who and what we truly are: Creative beings.

You are a Life Force of Divine feminine creative energy!

Own it.

Be it

Express it.  …in your own unique way!

and have fun 🙂

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