Creative Mastery

9120B9AD-50B7-4488-8CE2-68BD5AC09B9F.jpegMassive lessons this week about how much we really do create our own reality. The teacher/student in me wishes to share my very practical lesson, perhaps it can help. 

Herve and I had a big worldly lesson about being naive and overly trusting (around a US Craigslist house rental ad) Fortunately we lost no money so managed to learn the ‘preparation for America’ lesson without too much material consequence. 

However, what I did notice is how easily and quickly my mind moved into a state of anger and suspicion and fear about my future. I had allowed myself to get attached to my ego and off I went! Suddenly I recalled all my past bad experiences and started the fear trap of illusion. 

Here is where my real lesson occurred! 

I slipped into an alternative universe that reflected perfectly my fear and suspicion. Suddenly my neighbours started fighting, I saw a shopkeeper taking photographs of a man she suspected of stealing (more arguments), people on the roads were more aggressive out of nowhere, and just in general people were rude, incompetent or annoying. 

Fortunately for me I have a great Guidance team who always help me to learn my lessons quickly and I’m a quick learner 🙂 so this all only lasted a day. But what a day!! Urghh! I also have an incredible husband and great friends/ healers around me who assisted me to verbally share my experiences si I could work out what was happening and then help me realign to a state of reassuring calm, peace and love. Now everything has returned to normal as I breathe in more and more love and express gratitude for the teachings. 

What a learning! 

A great big neon signpost showing me in a way I will never forget that our thoughts are reflected externally as if we have a big circular mirror that surrounds us at all times… facing inwards! (I put an exclamation mark there as I used to visualise an outward facing mirror of protection before I learned about how energy flows). Literally everything and everyone allows us to ‘see’ and experience in a tangible way what we are feeling and thinking inside. It ‘brings into life’ in ways that assist our growth: we may experience what we judge or what we envy or what we fear. To help us to recognise these hidden parts of ourself. What a precious gift life gives us, we truly are Creators on ALL levels. I knew this mentally before but this week I got to witness it in all its glory like I was sitting in the classroom of a Master. 

In the past, these reflections came back to us more slowly so we sometimes did not realise it was a consequence of our own own creative abilities. But in this NOW, things happen quicker. We see an almost immediate reflection of our internal mental and emotional states. 

So my question to you is what are you currently experiencing around you? Is love and beauty, gratitude and joyful bliss being reflected back to you? (I know many of you will say YES!) or are there other lessons you are currently learning? Either way, you are Love and you are Loved. There is no doubt you are ascending into Love ♥️

Know that just as when we allow ourselves to be triggered by events that shift us into fear based negative thinking, we can also shift our focus to more forgiveness and acceptance … which will likewise be reflected back to us. 

Just in awe of Universal LOVE 💖 

The lesson: 

Be mindful of your thoughts and reactions. Realise how much we are One, the world is reflecting back all that you energetically create so create the life you want to exist in! Make considered choices (in ALL areas of your life) and take responsibility for them. 

Release all fear and feelings of having no control or being seperate. 

Experience Oneness. Expand into Love. This is not being naive or simplistic: this is being a Master Creative Force.