Solar shift: the flight of the Condor


As you continue to bask in the energies pouring through your Sun in this Now, pause and realise just how far you have come. Take time to remember and honour the journey you took to come Home:

You were born into ‘separation’. How could it not be so? You Brave Ones chose to incarnated as a mere fractal of your OverSoul. With this perception of separation came great fear, shame and the feelings of being alone, cast out of Eden into a den of snakes. You spent years trying to hide this from yourself and others whilst giving yourself many opportunities to fully dive in to these feelings and experiences. This wore you down and made you desperate and weak with despair.

But the days of separation are over and have been for a while, it’s just taking some time for you to fully catch up. You have now come to understand one thing: you are not separated at all and in truth you never were. It was all your divine deception to veil your Truth so you could come to the divine wisdom that you are king of your reality and the serpent is your friend from within.

And now? Now  you’ve chosen to re-member.

You remember this:

You are love

You are acceptance

You are connected to All there is

You are connected to all because you ARE All. The eye that sees outwards is the same ‘I’ that  sees out of every person, every animal, every sentient being and collective consciousness… and it is ALL consciousnesses: from the mitochondria in the cells of your body to the stars in the furthest galaxy; from the tiniest insect to the great unseen forces of nature and beyond. It is all One and it is all You.

 You have learned that in this now the most important thing is to love yourself (the balance of fear), to accept yourself (the balance of shame) and to make connections (balancing loneliness) that support you to grow in love and acceptance of yourself. And you have learned that doesn’t mean a fluffy, ‘still in denial of what is’ acceptance and love. This merely continued separation. You have learned authentic deep, raw, no nonsense acceptance of you, every… part… of you, warts and all, on all layers of your being.

And you have learned that you didn’t need to look outside of yourself:

You didn’t have to love everybody

You didn’t have to accept everybody,

You didn’t have to save anybody or fight for anybody

You didn’t need to put anyone else above or below you and you didn’t have to compete with anybody

You didn’t have to prove anything to anybody at all.

You simply started to accept yourself, so you could begin to teach yourself to love yourself, and by doing so, save yourself. You have proved yourself worthy of love by giving it to yourself. You have shown yourself worthy to be seen and heard by giving yourself permission to speak and act and accept yourself with compassion. You have learned from, and collaborated with, others, rather than compete. You have realised this feels good. You are filled up with gratitude and awe for all that is, wherever and however it is being expressed.

And thus you have ‘filled your cup’ so to speak. You have became ‘full of yourself’ and hid nothing away from yourself.  You started to see all that is, and you began to accept it. Fully and without any fear, shame or guilt to enter into the equation. You made wiser choices about what you fed your soul, who walked with you and where you preferred to be.

And in this way, you healed without even noticing. you healed with your own patience and compassion until you no longer saw those warts or imperfections. You healed old sacred wounds from this life and many other lives and they become your sacred medicines to help others. You ended up healing much more than you ever imagined, beyond yourself into the human collective and indeed, well beyond it.

You came to accept others with ease and grace because you have fully accepted yourself and understood that ALL is the great tapestry of life.

And you have discovered that indeed you can ‘save’ others, because you saved yourself. You are now blazing new pathways out of the old programs which others see and it awakens something within.

You have come to love others, because there is no longer any need to externally reflect any form of separation hidden within. There is only love and acceptance to love and accept. And if  you see things that make you cringe? Well you just accept it anyway and allow it to be included. You make wise choices and discernments but resist nothing.

And finally..

Finally, you have come home

After all your travels across infinite time and space.

To where your True Self has always been

Right here, right Now in You, where is was all along just waiting in silence for you to remember.

All of you is now home: your Soul and Spirit fully channeled through you as you fully step into the embodied walking master that you are.  You are now emanating love and acceptance and connectivity which is all you really came here to do.

You realise you are able to turn water into fire and fire into water for they are One. You can turn lead into Gold because you are the Alchemist magician and you remember YOU  ARE GOLD. You are the eagle and the condor, the lion and the mouse, the shepherd and the sheep. You remember you are the portal and the omniverse, you precious crystalline being of Light!

You remember what you are, who you are, why you are

And you ARE…


Time to celebrate Solar Angels,

Love and Blessings to you

Francine (with Archangel Michael as One Voice)

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