The Return

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Photo thanks to KA ❤

I am feeling drawn to the Royal Tetons. I must admit to not knowing exactly why but as I go along, it is coming more and more into my conscious awareness.

I’ve been reading the complete Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone. Pondering the Creation story. Us as sparks of Life coming from God as expressions of Creative Light ourselves. (made this vid in 2017)

So, we, in our creative imaginations as sparks of Source Light, chose through our free will to dive in and experience the world of matter and form. We went through the dimensions from the first non-physical root races to more dense realities in order to feel what it was like to BE as someTHING. We started creating our own forms to inhabit.

Then came The Fall. The part in our story where we left Eden. We forgot that we were really non-physical expressions of Source Light. In our brilliance and with our ability to choose, we went so deep into the web/tapestry we had created that we quite simply forgot who we were. We wiped our own remembrance of not just how to simply get back, but also that we were anything else than what our 5 senses told us we were. We shut off like a mirror orb all around us…only reflecting back to us the limited awareness of who and what we are. But we were still creating…all the projections in the mirror and we were of course still fully connected to ALL that we seeped through into our dreams, into our expanding psychic senses and through synchronicities and paranormal/mystical experiences.

We went so far down the rabbit hole with our curious, creative minds that we started believing our own stories, our own manifestations of thought-form. Thoughts as form. …We started believing the story of HIS-STORY itself.. We were spellbound by the spell we initially cast…the stories of duality: a man and a woman when really we are androgynous; rich and poor based on an invention of money; races and nationalities when we are all One. The stories of all polarities and dualities..the route we chose to take but forgot why.

And why dd we choose it? We knew we would RETURN. Through our experiences, we knew we would climb back up like spiderman walking between two buildings..using the dual forces as traction to grow through.

How to Climb Vertically Between Two Walls: Fun Skill Tutorial! - YouTube

There is an old fable which holds the premise that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. We are frogs…slowly and increasingly experiencing the boiling over: fires, tsunamis, inequality, global pandemics, resistance to brutal military rule and lack of social freedoms and privacy.

When the frog on the slowly boiling waters noticed the heat…then the water..then the pot…then as they started flexing their little-used limbs, they realised they were not alone in the pot! And they formed connections and together they became stringer until they finally realised they had wings! And they could fly! But at that very moment..they remembered…and there was no pot of boiling water…there never was.

SO…why the Royal Tetons? Perhaps, as it was the spot we were seeded into the Earth plane…it is also the way Home.

But I do not believe I will not walk through the portal. I choose to bring through ALL of me. Is this truly possible? When we talk of being a walking master, or moving into our multidimensional selves right here and now…is that the point? Why?

What’s coming to my mind is that incredible image in the movie inception when she realises none of it is real and it simply implodes to reveal the Truth.

Feeling in to the potentials …and enjoying the Great Return.

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