In Honour of The Magdalene

In honour of the Magdalene

There is only one Source; just different ways of accessing it from within.
The threads we have weaved throughout our many lives are merging as we wind our way to the zero point center of our soul-web tapestry. And there are many threads we have sewn throughout this great exploration of Life! But some threads resonate more magnetically than others. For my soul web, the Magdalene threads shine brightly.

As we continue our re-membering journey Home to All there is, many of us are finding each other again. As soul expressions, we have passed each other on route, often many times over. At this juncture, when the soul is merging with Spirit, I bear witness and honour the Magdalene.

The Magdalene codes follow the path of the sacred feminine energy within ourselves and within the world. They are aspects of Divinity expressed through the qualities of divine love, wisdom and devotion to the Sacred. The Magdalene is the integrated sensitive human. The embodiment of Love cleared of the taint of the wounded feminine and imbued with the positive qualities of the sacred masculine. The unified expression of Love and wisdom and power: the three fold flame. The divine I AM presence anchored firmly in the heart.

And why are we remembering more of this now? Well, firstly we have been remembering for a while but now we are more conscious of the remembering. This is because we are to bring balance to power …in our realities yes, but most importantly within ourselves. The time is now to balance and harmonise All in order to arise as one unified Christed oversoul being..whilst remaining in the physical body. We then walk the golden mean or the Middle Way and bring through a new frequency and new way of being that is more harmonious with Life…ALL life. (This last bit was given to me recently by Master Lanto as I prepare for a trip to the Grand Tetons this week.)

As we re-integrating aspects of ourselves, we aren’t always aware of ‘who’ we were in a past life, but we are continuously accessing more of our soul’s accumulated wisdom. Recently, whilst reading the Tels books, I remembered a time when I sang, tears flowing, as waters flooded the lands of Lemuria and I saw the Lemurian eyes of Steve McDermott​ and Anna Carson​ and Fiona Brown​ nearby amongst many others. I have remembered times within the temples of Denderra and Philae and the walks to the wells in Jerusalem but my most heart opening connection is with the two Mary’s and Martha in Southern France.

This is why I chose the name Francine – ‘French Essene’ (as well as a bow to beloved St Francis of Assisi/Master Kuthumi). I am grateful to meet others who have shared past experiences because they help me remember…thank you to my magenta ray friend Melissa Read​ for helping me re-member the clue-codes I gave myself through my name. Marrying a Frenchman and getting to travel there many times also helps 🙂 Then this month I reconnected to another of the Family of the Rose Noelene Kelly​ in a beautiful soul level embrace.
Around 2014/15 I received an initiation to the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon through Jerome Baudel of to teacher level, along with Sharon Perkusich​ and Christiane Valette​tianne, and Mel Nichols​ and Svetlana Prokhorova​and Jess Parker​ and Magdalena Duch​ (lol) and Steve McDermott and Amanda Gauci​ and many other Ashati brothers and sisters. At the time I saw it as a healing modality extension of Seichim (which it is)..not realising it harked back to an aspect of my soul with Martha in both Cathar country and Camelot. I will tell that quelled story another day.

As many of us have discovered over the years, we must be sitting in our Truth when we enter into the world of the Magdela to avoid falling into religious fervour, dogma or the princess warrior archetype. There is no room for hierarchy, patriarchy or polarity conflict in the new earth reality, only collective empowerment and collaboration. For me, growing up Catholic and attending university during the 80s, the disinformation around women and religion ran deep. My attempts to unify self led me on many a merry dance! Fortunately I later found Tom Kenyon and learned of the sex magic of the Isis cult and the alchemies of Horus and also Lars Muhl. Eye opening alternative viewpoints! And the beginning of the end of handing over my power.

I have very slowly come to understand what Magdalene really means: ‘The spirit of the exalted Peace’, a number 9, a triad times 3, the number that melts polarity and denotes completion, the beginning and the end, the Unity. ‘The innately intelligent triad of physical (mind/body) complex and astral-soul fully merged and under guidance of the divine I AM Spirit. The Magdela embodied the sacred feminine as fully christed (tri-merged/ascended) masters of Light and Love. They held the ‘traditional’ qualities of gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity whilst standing in their POWER, AUTHORITY and SOVEREIGNTY..

I also found the Christ Letters 1 to 9. If you need help moving out of the old into the real and deeper messages Jesus was trying to bring to us when he walked the earth, go there on Youtube 🙂 I have learned to reclaim my love of Jesus in new ways through Sananda’s untainted re-teachings.

This week I honour the Magdala within the women and men I have met on this journey. I have found them or they have found me but one way or another, we are all re-united eventually.
Yesterday I received a small vial of Magdalene anointing oil from my beautiful friend Rosemary Leavey​ and in the accompanying note she wrote that she experiences the Magdalene through me. These profound words of insight, coming from someone who embodies the Magdalene codes and shares them with many, brought a deep exhale from my entire being. It’s a fun coincidence that I am currently using the Magdalene soap I bought at Rennes Les Chateau last year. I am literally being bathed and now anointed in these codes of remembrance!
As I glance down the list of names on my FB page I see many light up with the Magdalene codes. If you are reading thus far you will most likely already be feeling our shared devotion to The Magdalene and the gentle rose blooming Magdalene Christed self within. We help each other to remember.

I honour the Light in you as we walk the path Home as One, whether you resonate with the consciousness of the Magdalene codes I share here or with another time, another lineage, another thread.
I meet you at the heart, where all threads meet.

With love,
Francine Commeignes​

French Videos: Cave of Mary Magdalene at St Baume, Monsegur, Magdela Tower, Rennes les Chateau, Cathar country,

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