Embodying the God Spark

I may have to re-word the word ‘channeling’ We are not channeling. We are the channel itself.

Recently I watched a documentary where Dr Yuval Noah Harari suggested humans were trying to create God  and either we hand over to the God we create (AI/Google/FB algorithms/robotic hybrids etc) or we upgrade ourselves. 

I know we are upgrading ourselves on a physical level. This explains the very physical symptoms of the upgrading body these last few years. Mostly Spinal issues, heart issues and a LOT of FIRE Combustion energy flaring up in the body/raising blood pressure. Curious how the global virus has a fever symptom.

During a recent up-levelling solstice retreat with the marvellous Kathryne Alexis, I was given a lot of help from Master Lanto and the Great White Brotherhood, to ‘speed-up’ my brain recalibration..very strange to literally feel the re-circuitry happening as the two hemispheres were connected. Just like the caterpillar to butterfly my brain felt like disoriented ‘mush’ at first and then I felt very different afterwards: more balanced. It was like the veil between the two brain hemispheres was dissolved and I was able to ‘walk the golden mean’ (middle way) as Master Lanto told me I would.

Enabling both hemispheres to work as ONE integrated mind has required some re-training! I now wonder how on earth I managed to do anything at all before with two separate hemispheres! 

In my channelings and channeling teaching I have seen very interesting people coming who are either already able to master energy or are ready to be upgraded physically to become a fully grounded channels of light and a pure expression of Divinity. One student used to be a psychic medium and healer whose psychic senses just ‘blanked out’ relatively quickly. After 2 years of confusion she is now rethink the wonder of her soul’s wisdom in doing this…she has had to use new ‘superhuman’ muscles to create channels directly through the pineal gland/mind brain rather than the psychic senses.Let me explain..

I have noticed more and more the complete non-requirement of psychic senses in order to access and channel the omniscient database of wisdom/power/love/knowledge. The first week is almost always about upgrading the brain. The physical brain and its connection to the Cosmic Mind through the pineal gland…the physical pineal gland. This bypasses the psychic senses and in effect makes the person a direct channel to Source through their divine essence rather than having to rely on ‘seeing/sensing or any of the ‘claires’. It is requiring the integration of the cosmic mind (that is always there just not always online/activated. This is why I say the word channeling’ doesn’t quite fit anymore..a channel suggests you are bringing through information from somewhere else. In this new bio-architecture system upgrade, you ARE the Source of the information!

I  now understand why I was never interested in psychic development groups or training! If we are to move with ease and grace into the new Earth reality, we are upgrading our physical body to be telepathic conductors using our own super-computer brain, pineal and innate body intelligence. We become the superhuman walking the earth. The ultimate ‘Ground Crew’ Fully merged with our I AM presence and infinitely increasing our diamond rainbow Christed Light. 

I recently channeled Snake who had this to say. I only just realised the connection.

‘The creative life force energy within you holds ALL there is. And within it you DO have access to all of the information, data, truth, that you will ever need. Fir it is the same flow of energy that moves through the cosmos and everything within it. The creative life force energy, once accessed in a conscious way, enables one to feel into all answers and also to let go of all questions… We honour the human journey of evolution. You have taught us what it is to be separated and removed and then Return”. Watch video here https://youtu.be/IDYJHOVXTew

And finally a ‘just now’ update. My friend Shelly just sent me this message of a dream of us both from last night

“You had this handheld device that when pressed into my back you could say the things I wanted to connect and I could feel the brain veins moving to make the connection. It also was like you seeing portals and dimensions while using it. Then you said you haven’t used it in a while and you would have look into how it fully works.” 

Loving the many ways the information is coming.

Love to hear your thoughts and insights 


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