Creating Freedom

I AM portrait for Rosemary Leavey, Australia February 2021

Rosemary is a beautiful soul who lives a life of deep devotion, humility and immense inner strength. Her wisdom, love and power shine into the world with huge impact. She runs groups and circles and you can contact her directly.

Rosemary requested a painting to reflect her innocence and her power. This was the result.

The childlike Rosemary stands before the Tree of Life with its triple merkaba representing the lightbody’s ascension through the dimensions, connecting all that is above with all that is below. The child ses into all dimensions of reality with the childlike awe and wonder of the pre-matter time of innocence. Galaxies form, waters flow and all is connected through playful presence. Playfully she creates her reality by illuminating the ribbon threads of consciousness she chooses to resonate with All within the Oneness of the Web of Light.

“You are the awareness that illuminates consciousness and its infinite content” – Sri Nisargadatta

Whatever you shine that awareness on, becomes your reality. There is no good or bad and no judgement. It is divinity as creativity. You are indeed the CREATOR of your reality.  Other than that, there is no ‘truth’, only that which you resonate at and with. You will find others who resonate with you on certain things …but not all, as you are unique. When we feel the need to KNOW everything, we are at the mercy of those who are speaking the loudest. 

Many are unaware they are creative Life force and so blow with the winds of the human collective consciousness in their immediate awareness. This will mold them into shapes of stagnation. It is taking you further and further into the burrows and dead ends of forgetfulness. You will need to come back to realise you are not those things you believed so strongly. How do come back…just let it go. 

Remembering is simply, letting go…releasing all ideas of who you are..all attachments to things and beliefs, all ideas that you need to BE anything, defend yourself, blame others or compete in any way. 

ALL of this is polarity  and the way home is Unity.

You are creative Life Force creating your reality, the tools are your thoughts, feelings and actions. When your thoughts merge with desires and focus, the reality itself changes: the stage props alter, the mirror actors change their faces and you also can feel different. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder….If you see only beauty, you create only beauty. When you sit within the resonant field of love, gratitude, awe, this is the mirrored back to you and you experience a reality that continually births an infinite flow of love, beauty and awe…  all other realities simply fall away. You can choose to resonate with any feeling, quality or thought…there is an infinite array available to you. You have the authority to chose. You could equally chose to align with fear, polarity, missing out, not having enough, not being enough. And there will be no judgement.

See this with me…all consciousness is streams of thought. Infinite streams of thought. As you are energy and these are energy and all is flowing as energy. Imagine that you are magnetic in nature. You will attract, according to the law of attraction, that which vibrates at the same resonance, in accordance with your beliefs, thoughts and experience. Your focus can either illuminate them or let them pass on. All is flowing through you at all times but your awareness will illuminate only that which you resonate with.

The point of moving consciousness deeper into the density and power and beauty of the lower dimensions is so that you ‘experience’ the reality you choose to play in. And many of us get lost there, believing what our 5 senses tell us. Ascension, the concept that you rise up and transcend a reality, is to bridge all dimensions and perceive them through our 3rd eye.

However all of it is consciousness. What you experience is the dream of a reality you are lucidly playing in.  We play within the universal laws (Oneness, vibration, action, cause and effect, compensation, correspondence, attraction, perpetual transmutation, relativity, polarity, rhythm and gender)…until we transcend them.

And there is the seed point of knowing. Knowing yourself is truly just realising what you are not. All that you identify with is not who and what you are. It is the awareness making choices to lead you home to the deepest knowledge of all: you already are Home. And you never left. 

Once understood, let go of all that tries to make you forget it. 

There is nothing to gain, only release. The more you release, the greater the clarity. And release you will. Whether now or later. Everything unfolds in divine timing. And actualises itself. You simply choose your reactions to what unfolds. When you choose to release consciously what has been ruling you unconsciously, you find peace of mind. When the mind is still, it is able to see more clearly the stage, the play, the actors.

In this stillness and quiet, we experience beauty. And perfection

And love of the Self.

Life is Unified Beauty …if you choose to see it. 

So much love to Rosemary fro inspiring this post


Also, a great listen on the topic of consciousness dated March 2021


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