About Fran


My name is Francine  and I am a conscious and clear channel (spoken and written and for healing) and Master Ashati and Reiki healer and teacher. I am also an artist.

I teach and guide with activations for Ashati energy healing modalities and Reiki to master level. My healing modalities I work with are: Ashati, Ascension, Alsemia, Reiki, Healing Order of the Golden Dragon, Seichim Reiki, Kundalini reiki, Higher Senses, Soul Rescue (helping lost souls to pass over) and Ashati Teacher and practitioner. Ashati.org website

I paint Soul-Light Portraits for people who want a visual re-member-ance of who they truly are. They are paintings that capture the Higher Self of the person for the purpose of awakening and remembering. Visit my website Blue Ray Paintings here http://blueraypaintings.com/

I am of the Blue Ray. This is my blog where I share everything I learn on my spiritual path…as I’m learning it.

My mission is to give love and receive love and to guide: to show others what they are capable of.  I do this through being in FLOW:

  • Creating artworks – Graduated Sydney College of Fine Arts (COFA) UNSW 1991
    ​Painter, muralist, educator.
  • Healing with Ashati healing modalities: Ashati, Alsemia, Ascension, Healing Order of the Golden Dragon,Usui Reiki , Seichim Reiki, Soul Rescue, Higher Senses and also Galactic healing. I am a Master of all the above.
  • Channeling messages and bringing love and wisdom from our guides, teachers, and loved ones.

I have an open heart and a cheery disposition and I am always willing to help people find their own power and truth through self empowerment.

I am a committed partner, a mother, a daughter, a teacher, an artist, a healer, an alchemist, a writer and a searcher of my own Truth. I walk in the Light and I am of service to humanity as we Shift away from the Matrix and towards Unity Consciousness together.

I am guarded by St Francis and Greywolf and over-lighted by Archangel Uriel.

I am guided by  my own Higher Self.  My healing guides are the Ashati Guides and my channeling guide are The Hathors, assisted by Archangel Metatron. My Universal Laws teachers are  Kuthumi / Saint Francis and Sadyana my guide. I am accompanied by all of the birds and Whale. I carry Gaelic song-lines and the song-lines and skills of many past lives including indigenous, ancient Egyptian and galactic lives of which I am Re-membering in this ever present NOW.

I love to channel during healings: angelic energies, ascended master energies, especially Mother Mary and Saint Germain, the Violet Fire, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Aurora, and highly evolved ET beings such as The Hathors and the Sirian Council of Light.

I channel for healing and for enlightening through messages, artworks and healing modalities such as Ashati,  Alsemia, Ascension, Usui Reiki, Seichim Reiki of Ancient Egypt, Soul Retrieval and the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon..all of which I am a Master Healer.

This is who I am NOW but I may change my mind tomorrow for I do not really know much, I am but willing to learn.

I am of service.

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