Arcturian Encounter

8.10.17 5am Arcturian live webinar with Suzanne Lie and Shawna Dollop.

During the meditation: On the ship: I was wearing silver boots and white pants and a light blue top. I was in a room with many screens and I was busy looking at them and pressing buttons. I was human then and got his attention. He turned and was so happy…he sat down opposite me and held my hands.

Part 2: taken to a little room and asked if I would accept transmission (again). I said yes! “Accept your own journey. We are all moving towards single point connection in our own way”

Feeling excited to be surrounded by those that accept also. Happy to have connected and shared this experience.
What was I doing on the ship? Observing, interacting and watching for the responses…over time. Almost like market research. What occurrences make the best impact and outcomes? We us this information to assist with the first contact decisions. We also assist communications. 


Walking on water

We are not meant to be swimming

under the water with the sharks and the tides and the deep darkness

We are meant to be walking on the water like we were shown

Until we take wing and hover above it like the moon

Leaving a luminous trail of light on the surface

for those submerged to swim towards

Alsemia 8

Unbelievable LOVE

Raw, open, exposed, Giving and Receiving LOVE

I adore my husband and I feel completely and utterly adored

Also AGAIN a sore neck, this time was the right side. (Alsemia was the left side of head and very sore neck pain and insecurity). Last night, after A8, I felt so much love and then I had a few moments of panic and fear…but ti passed quite quickly.

Feeling drawn to teaching



Alsemia 7: Self Mastery and the Truth Card

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level.” —Eckhart Tolle

Self Mastery

I am trying to master my emotions, my mind and my body. It’s not easy!

The process of coming to your own Truth. Everybody must overcome their own obstacles and must expose their own illusions and no one can grow you for you!

Looking deep inside myself and acknowledging what I find can be quite a challenge. To see myself raw…as I truly am, without filters and blinders. In all my strength and glory and in all my weaknesses: able to offer great love and be loved wholeheartedly; able to shine and also able to hide; able to forgive and also able hold on to pain; able to step into authenticity and also able to project only what I think is acceptable to others; able to have sovereignty and able to stick to what I know: the small and familiar, even when I am stuffing a lion into a kitten’s body. My thoughts and my choices in every moment are mine to own and they determine my destiny. I choose love. I choose sovereignty. I choose to be me, in all my humanity. To look deep inside myself and feel all of it, own all of it and change what needs changing. I choose to be my own master and no longer have ears and eyes for what others tell me I should and shouldn’t be. …I choose to be free.


The actual events:

Monday: sore neck out of nowhere

Tuesday: channeling for Marian difficult! So insecure and not in flow. Worried about being seen and stepping up into visibility. Anxious about having too much work and people’s expectations of me and my abilities. Could I even channel?!

Wednesday cancelled Anastasia healing.

Thursday: Sore neck got a bit better

Alsemia 7 in the afternoon

Friday: sore neck and as bad as ever!

Called my past lives to me (from dark dungeons) and ancestral line to transmute into the light… me! I would engulf them in my love. Carried then around all day sending then love and light.

Started to remember lives of being attached and killed for having the second sight.

Saw a trailer ‘The witch’ so fascinated!

Saturday: Sore neck again! Started talking with Herve about feeling insecure

Did Steve nobles latest meditation which was about releasing old karma of past lives and ancestral lines! The universe is so in sync!

That might dreamt about soaking in a bath that flooded the whole house.

And really big spiders: black and orange

Woke up and neck is much better!

Experiencing Oneness



All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.’ Painting by Francine (me:) …

There is a memory buried within your soul of Oneness. The perfect memory of a plan which is coming into being at this time. This state of Oneness is when we recall that we are all connected as One force of Divine Will. When we remember this, there is no separation, no disharmony….no jealousy, no need for lies or deception, no feelings of needing to control or force anything or anyone.

We just flow in the full understanding that who we are is all that needs to be …right now. And everyone else is also exactly who and where they need to be…and as we are all one, we accept and honour everyone’s journey. All sparks of the Divine plan moving into singularity at our own pace and in our own unique way.

But how to consciously move into Unity?

The good news is that it will happen regardless 🙂 Light codes that carry new blueprints for 5D manifestation are being constantly sent to our planet through our sun and we all receive them. Yes, Lightworkers integrate this light more rapidly, not only because they have advance warning through Light Language communication but also because their vibrational frequency allows a closer ‘match’ of sorts.

The codes affect the electromagnetic field of Earth and thus also affect our own bodies, especially the electromagnetic field of our brain. The result can be any of the physical, mental or emotional ‘ascension symptoms’ that you may have heard of. (flu-like symptoms, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, irritability etc). These can last for moments or days and weeks and can be a little scary or disturbing if you dont know what’s happening.

So what is happening? Well, these light codes are assisting to flush your Mind (body, brain and consciousness) of old limiting, negative perceptions of reality held within your DNA. These old energies need to be pushed through your entire energy field of the physical body and the 7 energy bodies that you exist in (your aura). As this happens, all of your ‘stuff/ baggage’ (lessons, negative thinking and behaviour etc) that you have held in your cells, in your Akash or in your ancestral lineage (thanks genetic ancestors!) will come into your consciousness and may even be played out externally in the people and situations you are involved in. Basically, there may be resistance to the process. Any un-addressed issues will become obvious until you learn the ‘right’ way to move past them (with love, forgiveness and acceptance).

Remember that Light always wins. Look at my painting above that is a visual representation of a quote by Saint Francis of Assisi (an embodiment of Master Kuthumi):

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.’

How to move through each new phase of light-downloading? The quickest answer is to trust. These are the words to meditate:

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Detachment (of fear, drama, or being to involved or invested)
  • Focus (mindfullness, mediation, prayer, stillness)
  • Flow…allow

as taught to me by Master Kathumi through Natalie Glasson’s channeling tutorial. 

Basically trust your own inner guidance and stop giving up your power to other’s limiting fears, beliefs and restrictions on your personal freedom. Going within to listen to that little voice of your own wise woman/ man and then taking that advice.

It may actually be a challenge to start to listen to your own guidance as we have been trained since our childhood not to. That there is always someone else who can help you and fix you and you can’t be trusted to make decisions or take your own mind and body into your own hands.  You will recognise this as truth because you feel calmer and more ‘sure’ and more solid in your self belief

…this is you stepping in to your own sovereignty.


Spirit Animals_how they help us

Animals hold vibrational frequencies that can assist us on our journeys. The more we are aware of their spirit and connect with them, the more they can help us to expand.

Winnie the pooh

Just stepping outside and bringing your awareness to the sound of a bird and allowing that sound to become part of you, right here, right now, in that moment…you are connecting to Source. The animal kingdom is of the 3rd Dimension. Where thought forms have clumped into denser energy and become carbon forms with intelligence through a brain (unlike the forces and elements and chemical properties of the 1D mineral kingdom and the sentience of the 2D plant kingdom.

Some animals, such as our pets, vibrate at a very high frequency as they are an expression of ourselves in purity. We grow a lot when we connect with our pets and learn much about unconditional love and loyalty amongst other lessons. The trick is to not always talk to your pet but listen also and feel their love.

And then there are our spirit animals. They walk beside you and once you connect with them (usually one is strongest of all) there is no more questioning that you are absolutely and unconditionally loved by Spirit.

My spirit animal is wolf. Here is a video of my first ever encounter with Wolf in England. It howled and howled and kept looking at me and coming over and whimpering.

I have received messages both from other people and through my own guidance – channeling and dreams and in meditation, that wolf is my spirit animal. Not only do I know this in my very being…I have also met IRL !! (see my journal entry here for more details. I think this is very unusual. I have not heard of it before from anyone else. Having said that, I think many people have met their spirit animals but were unaware at the time that the animal was from Spirit. More about my wolf here

For example, just this week I met Raven in the ‘real’ world who came to warn me of the dangers of opening to the astral plane in areas that have been defiled. (see previous post) When I was lost in the bush, I stumbled across Fox who was trying to tell me to wisen-up! quick smart and get a grip, think more. 🙂 Lovely fox!

On an Earth walk with Heather Price in Shamanic training, I came across an enormous collection of spiders on massive webs. Spider was teaching me that I am part of the web of life, part of community and needed to find my own community and get connected into the web and play my part.More here from May 2016

On another occasion spider came and bit me when I (once before) got off path at the national park and opened to ceremony.


It seems the spirit world has to over exaggerate to get my attention 😛

These love birds in my garden taught me an appreciation of partnership and love and affection: So synchronised, just like my husband and me for 25 years!

DSC_2862.JPGAnd of course let’s not forget the feathers! My very first post on this blog.



And then there is whale who came to me when I was asking for the spirit animal of a client: “What is her spirit animal?” I asked. Within 10 minutes I enter a clearing from the bush and see a massive whale breaching and tossing about out on the ocean. That one made me laugh out loud!

And Goanna who came to confirm it was OK to start the grid of Ashati healers into the Australia wide meditation:


Here is an example of how to open yourself to signs in nature like I was taught: as well as

What animals have been trying to communicate with you recently? Can you remember a time when an animal came (seemingly out of nowhere) and shared a message with you? Ask a question now and then look to the animal kingdom and find the answer coming to you, you just need to notice. Pay attention from now on…they are always trying to share their wisdom.

I haven’t explored much of this site, just did a quick search, but this might help some people…but keep in mind that Spirit speaks directly to you! with all your experiences and knowledge and thoughts…so it’s always good to make your own meanings too!

Love, love, love to you X




Spirit animal and Aboriginal Assistance

SO, A friend and I go to the national park each week to go for a beautiful walk in nature, enjoy a picnic lunch and also practice our channeling. Last week was magnificent! We went to the Royal NP and sat in the Audley flats. I set up a cone around us and crystal grid, called in protection and the channeling was amazingly clear and so beautiful. Messages were of love and hope and peace and offered advice on where to offer help (children and animals).

This week, we thought we would combine the cliffs and maybe catch a lagging whale…which we did!…


We walked to the sacred pool at Curracurrang. The walk was divine and we saw beautiful New Holland honeyeaters.

The waterfall was noisy but it was idyllic for a picnic. We talked a lot about nature and the Earth and were accompanied by Crow. We then walked back and stopped off to find a good spot for channeling.

We walked off the track on the cliffs. We started getting signs which I persistently ignored or misinterpreted…friend saw a hand, was it saying stop or waving? I even started talking about how you can go on Earth-walks to read the signs from nature (which I experienced with Heather Price whilst doing Shamanic Path training). I have been receiving messages lately about respect and honour. Respecting and honouring myself and others and the journey and places and the energy itself. We chatted about this too.

Most importantly we chose a spot that was on the cliffs, unprotected from the wind and where people had been recently leaving water bottles and images of penises on the sand. We also ignored this.

I always like to do ritual to start our sessions but I must admit to not feeling the sacredness of things. I tried for a long time to alight the sage and cleanse ourselves and the area..this may have been our saving grace. I started to call in the channeling energies I had been taught and ground ourselves and started calling in our guides, Archangel Michael etc

Then a massive crow came and cawwed at us from just above our heads on the rock. I stopped but then continued. I even thought it must be some message but I didn’t know what. Then I asked friend if she would like to say anything. She said “I think we need to stop’. I was actually relieved and stopped immediately. The crow flew away. Friend said she saw three aboriginal people standing and watching and saying it was ok then walked away as we had stopped.

We left straight away from the area.

Now, what the hell was going on?

Firstly, I was ashamed at not picking up any of the signs even though they were ridiculously obvious and felt I had let myself and guides down. I was unsure if we had done something wrong (maybe by performing ritual off the tracks) and I had received numerous reminders to be more mindful…by falling down the track at one point and going off track and having to walk through the thick bush and also at the pool when I realised I was scattered and tried to slow and breathe. All pointing out to be more mindful.

But that night I went in to meditation and got a little more insight. Firstly I saw that the recent visitors had defiled the space and their imprint had been left. I don’t think they were bad people at all, just that they were being influenced by the energy themselves. I saw a man jump from the cliff but I’m not sure if this was recent or a long time ago. Like the area had wrong energy and it would be a really bad idea to open up to the astral plane at that place. IN Aboriginal culture, places are sacred and some places are defiled. I think this was one of those places.

So the next question is, what was I learning through this experience?

Firstly, RESPECT! respect for my own intuition (which was blaring at me but which I over-rode by thinking I was doing what was expected) and the messages that are sent to me by way of guidance (I love how a big CROW came and yelled at us after we didn’t listen to any of the other more subtle signs.) I feel as though we are being held to higher standards now. No more playing around.

Secondly, be mindful. Mindful of where I am, what is gong on around me and what I am trying to do and why I am doing it.

Thirdly, big respect for the traditional custodians of this land. For 65, 000 years!,000-years/8719314

They have lived and looked after this land and know its secrets. I feel like a little cub getting a very gentle tap on my a kind and protective way. They were probably watching us all day.

I apologised to everyone involved and renewed my apologies to the Archangels for not listening to them last week during an activation.

I have a LOT to learn. I am such a small and unknowing person gaining access to grandeur and stumbling along the way, needing help and rescue from the spirit world when I make mistakes (a few times now).

I am so grateful that I am loved and deemed worthy of teaching, even though I stuff up sometimes.