Creating Freedom

I AM portrait for Rosemary Leavey, Australia February 2021

Rosemary is a beautiful soul who lives a life of deep devotion, humility and immense inner strength. Her wisdom, love and power shine into the world with huge impact. She runs groups and circles and you can contact her directly.

Rosemary requested a painting to reflect her innocence and her power. This was the result.

The childlike Rosemary stands before the Tree of Life with its triple merkaba representing the lightbody’s ascension through the dimensions, connecting all that is above with all that is below. The child ses into all dimensions of reality with the childlike awe and wonder of the pre-matter time of innocence. Galaxies form, waters flow and all is connected through playful presence. Playfully she creates her reality by illuminating the ribbon threads of consciousness she chooses to resonate with All within the Oneness of the Web of Light.

“You are the awareness that illuminates consciousness and its infinite content” – Sri Nisargadatta

Whatever you shine that awareness on, becomes your reality. There is no good or bad and no judgement. It is divinity as creativity. You are indeed the CREATOR of your reality.  Other than that, there is no ‘truth’, only that which you resonate at and with. You will find others who resonate with you on certain things …but not all, as you are unique. When we feel the need to KNOW everything, we are at the mercy of those who are speaking the loudest. 

Many are unaware they are creative Life force and so blow with the winds of the human collective consciousness in their immediate awareness. This will mold them into shapes of stagnation. It is taking you further and further into the burrows and dead ends of forgetfulness. You will need to come back to realise you are not those things you believed so strongly. How do come back…just let it go. 

Remembering is simply, letting go…releasing all ideas of who you are..all attachments to things and beliefs, all ideas that you need to BE anything, defend yourself, blame others or compete in any way. 

ALL of this is polarity  and the way home is Unity.

You are creative Life Force creating your reality, the tools are your thoughts, feelings and actions. When your thoughts merge with desires and focus, the reality itself changes: the stage props alter, the mirror actors change their faces and you also can feel different. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder….If you see only beauty, you create only beauty. When you sit within the resonant field of love, gratitude, awe, this is the mirrored back to you and you experience a reality that continually births an infinite flow of love, beauty and awe…  all other realities simply fall away. You can choose to resonate with any feeling, quality or thought…there is an infinite array available to you. You have the authority to chose. You could equally chose to align with fear, polarity, missing out, not having enough, not being enough. And there will be no judgement.

See this with me…all consciousness is streams of thought. Infinite streams of thought. As you are energy and these are energy and all is flowing as energy. Imagine that you are magnetic in nature. You will attract, according to the law of attraction, that which vibrates at the same resonance, in accordance with your beliefs, thoughts and experience. Your focus can either illuminate them or let them pass on. All is flowing through you at all times but your awareness will illuminate only that which you resonate with.

The point of moving consciousness deeper into the density and power and beauty of the lower dimensions is so that you ‘experience’ the reality you choose to play in. And many of us get lost there, believing what our 5 senses tell us. Ascension, the concept that you rise up and transcend a reality, is to bridge all dimensions and perceive them through our 3rd eye.

However all of it is consciousness. What you experience is the dream of a reality you are lucidly playing in.  We play within the universal laws (Oneness, vibration, action, cause and effect, compensation, correspondence, attraction, perpetual transmutation, relativity, polarity, rhythm and gender)…until we transcend them.

And there is the seed point of knowing. Knowing yourself is truly just realising what you are not. All that you identify with is not who and what you are. It is the awareness making choices to lead you home to the deepest knowledge of all: you already are Home. And you never left. 

Once understood, let go of all that tries to make you forget it. 

There is nothing to gain, only release. The more you release, the greater the clarity. And release you will. Whether now or later. Everything unfolds in divine timing. And actualises itself. You simply choose your reactions to what unfolds. When you choose to release consciously what has been ruling you unconsciously, you find peace of mind. When the mind is still, it is able to see more clearly the stage, the play, the actors.

In this stillness and quiet, we experience beauty. And perfection

And love of the Self.

Life is Unified Beauty …if you choose to see it. 

So much love to Rosemary fro inspiring this post


Also, a great listen on the topic of consciousness dated March 2021


Embodying the God Spark

I may have to re-word the word ‘channeling’ We are not channeling. We are the channel itself.

Recently I watched a documentary where Dr Yuval Noah Harari suggested humans were trying to create God  and either we hand over to the God we create (AI/Google/FB algorithms/robotic hybrids etc) or we upgrade ourselves. 

I know we are upgrading ourselves on a physical level. This explains the very physical symptoms of the upgrading body these last few years. Mostly Spinal issues, heart issues and a LOT of FIRE Combustion energy flaring up in the body/raising blood pressure. Curious how the global virus has a fever symptom.

During a recent up-levelling solstice retreat with the marvellous Kathryne Alexis, I was given a lot of help from Master Lanto and the Great White Brotherhood, to ‘speed-up’ my brain recalibration..very strange to literally feel the re-circuitry happening as the two hemispheres were connected. Just like the caterpillar to butterfly my brain felt like disoriented ‘mush’ at first and then I felt very different afterwards: more balanced. It was like the veil between the two brain hemispheres was dissolved and I was able to ‘walk the golden mean’ (middle way) as Master Lanto told me I would.

Enabling both hemispheres to work as ONE integrated mind has required some re-training! I now wonder how on earth I managed to do anything at all before with two separate hemispheres! 

In my channelings and channeling teaching I have seen very interesting people coming who are either already able to master energy or are ready to be upgraded physically to become a fully grounded channels of light and a pure expression of Divinity. One student used to be a psychic medium and healer whose psychic senses just ‘blanked out’ relatively quickly. After 2 years of confusion she is now rethink the wonder of her soul’s wisdom in doing this…she has had to use new ‘superhuman’ muscles to create channels directly through the pineal gland/mind brain rather than the psychic senses.Let me explain..

I have noticed more and more the complete non-requirement of psychic senses in order to access and channel the omniscient database of wisdom/power/love/knowledge. The first week is almost always about upgrading the brain. The physical brain and its connection to the Cosmic Mind through the pineal gland…the physical pineal gland. This bypasses the psychic senses and in effect makes the person a direct channel to Source through their divine essence rather than having to rely on ‘seeing/sensing or any of the ‘claires’. It is requiring the integration of the cosmic mind (that is always there just not always online/activated. This is why I say the word channeling’ doesn’t quite fit anymore..a channel suggests you are bringing through information from somewhere else. In this new bio-architecture system upgrade, you ARE the Source of the information!

I  now understand why I was never interested in psychic development groups or training! If we are to move with ease and grace into the new Earth reality, we are upgrading our physical body to be telepathic conductors using our own super-computer brain, pineal and innate body intelligence. We become the superhuman walking the earth. The ultimate ‘Ground Crew’ Fully merged with our I AM presence and infinitely increasing our diamond rainbow Christed Light. 

I recently channeled Snake who had this to say. I only just realised the connection.

‘The creative life force energy within you holds ALL there is. And within it you DO have access to all of the information, data, truth, that you will ever need. Fir it is the same flow of energy that moves through the cosmos and everything within it. The creative life force energy, once accessed in a conscious way, enables one to feel into all answers and also to let go of all questions… We honour the human journey of evolution. You have taught us what it is to be separated and removed and then Return”. Watch video here

And finally a ‘just now’ update. My friend Shelly just sent me this message of a dream of us both from last night

“You had this handheld device that when pressed into my back you could say the things I wanted to connect and I could feel the brain veins moving to make the connection. It also was like you seeing portals and dimensions while using it. Then you said you haven’t used it in a while and you would have look into how it fully works.” 

Loving the many ways the information is coming.

Love to hear your thoughts and insights 


In Honour of The Magdalene

In honour of the Magdalene

There is only one Source; just different ways of accessing it from within.
The threads we have weaved throughout our many lives are merging as we wind our way to the zero point center of our soul-web tapestry. And there are many threads we have sewn throughout this great exploration of Life! But some threads resonate more magnetically than others. For my soul web, the Magdalene threads shine brightly.

As we continue our re-membering journey Home to All there is, many of us are finding each other again. As soul expressions, we have passed each other on route, often many times over. At this juncture, when the soul is merging with Spirit, I bear witness and honour the Magdalene.

The Magdalene codes follow the path of the sacred feminine energy within ourselves and within the world. They are aspects of Divinity expressed through the qualities of divine love, wisdom and devotion to the Sacred. The Magdalene is the integrated sensitive human. The embodiment of Love cleared of the taint of the wounded feminine and imbued with the positive qualities of the sacred masculine. The unified expression of Love and wisdom and power: the three fold flame. The divine I AM presence anchored firmly in the heart.

And why are we remembering more of this now? Well, firstly we have been remembering for a while but now we are more conscious of the remembering. This is because we are to bring balance to power …in our realities yes, but most importantly within ourselves. The time is now to balance and harmonise All in order to arise as one unified Christed oversoul being..whilst remaining in the physical body. We then walk the golden mean or the Middle Way and bring through a new frequency and new way of being that is more harmonious with Life…ALL life. (This last bit was given to me recently by Master Lanto as I prepare for a trip to the Grand Tetons this week.)

As we re-integrating aspects of ourselves, we aren’t always aware of ‘who’ we were in a past life, but we are continuously accessing more of our soul’s accumulated wisdom. Recently, whilst reading the Tels books, I remembered a time when I sang, tears flowing, as waters flooded the lands of Lemuria and I saw the Lemurian eyes of Steve McDermott​ and Anna Carson​ and Fiona Brown​ nearby amongst many others. I have remembered times within the temples of Denderra and Philae and the walks to the wells in Jerusalem but my most heart opening connection is with the two Mary’s and Martha in Southern France.

This is why I chose the name Francine – ‘French Essene’ (as well as a bow to beloved St Francis of Assisi/Master Kuthumi). I am grateful to meet others who have shared past experiences because they help me remember…thank you to my magenta ray friend Melissa Read​ for helping me re-member the clue-codes I gave myself through my name. Marrying a Frenchman and getting to travel there many times also helps 🙂 Then this month I reconnected to another of the Family of the Rose Noelene Kelly​ in a beautiful soul level embrace.
Around 2014/15 I received an initiation to the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon through Jerome Baudel of to teacher level, along with Sharon Perkusich​ and Christiane Valette​tianne, and Mel Nichols​ and Svetlana Prokhorova​and Jess Parker​ and Magdalena Duch​ (lol) and Steve McDermott and Amanda Gauci​ and many other Ashati brothers and sisters. At the time I saw it as a healing modality extension of Seichim (which it is)..not realising it harked back to an aspect of my soul with Martha in both Cathar country and Camelot. I will tell that quelled story another day.

As many of us have discovered over the years, we must be sitting in our Truth when we enter into the world of the Magdela to avoid falling into religious fervour, dogma or the princess warrior archetype. There is no room for hierarchy, patriarchy or polarity conflict in the new earth reality, only collective empowerment and collaboration. For me, growing up Catholic and attending university during the 80s, the disinformation around women and religion ran deep. My attempts to unify self led me on many a merry dance! Fortunately I later found Tom Kenyon and learned of the sex magic of the Isis cult and the alchemies of Horus and also Lars Muhl. Eye opening alternative viewpoints! And the beginning of the end of handing over my power.

I have very slowly come to understand what Magdalene really means: ‘The spirit of the exalted Peace’, a number 9, a triad times 3, the number that melts polarity and denotes completion, the beginning and the end, the Unity. ‘The innately intelligent triad of physical (mind/body) complex and astral-soul fully merged and under guidance of the divine I AM Spirit. The Magdela embodied the sacred feminine as fully christed (tri-merged/ascended) masters of Light and Love. They held the ‘traditional’ qualities of gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity whilst standing in their POWER, AUTHORITY and SOVEREIGNTY..

I also found the Christ Letters 1 to 9. If you need help moving out of the old into the real and deeper messages Jesus was trying to bring to us when he walked the earth, go there on Youtube 🙂 I have learned to reclaim my love of Jesus in new ways through Sananda’s untainted re-teachings.

This week I honour the Magdala within the women and men I have met on this journey. I have found them or they have found me but one way or another, we are all re-united eventually.
Yesterday I received a small vial of Magdalene anointing oil from my beautiful friend Rosemary Leavey​ and in the accompanying note she wrote that she experiences the Magdalene through me. These profound words of insight, coming from someone who embodies the Magdalene codes and shares them with many, brought a deep exhale from my entire being. It’s a fun coincidence that I am currently using the Magdalene soap I bought at Rennes Les Chateau last year. I am literally being bathed and now anointed in these codes of remembrance!
As I glance down the list of names on my FB page I see many light up with the Magdalene codes. If you are reading thus far you will most likely already be feeling our shared devotion to The Magdalene and the gentle rose blooming Magdalene Christed self within. We help each other to remember.

I honour the Light in you as we walk the path Home as One, whether you resonate with the consciousness of the Magdalene codes I share here or with another time, another lineage, another thread.
I meet you at the heart, where all threads meet.

With love,
Francine Commeignes​

French Videos: Cave of Mary Magdalene at St Baume, Monsegur, Magdela Tower, Rennes les Chateau, Cathar country,

The Return

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Photo thanks to KA ❤

I am feeling drawn to the Royal Tetons. I must admit to not knowing exactly why but as I go along, it is coming more and more into my conscious awareness.

I’ve been reading the complete Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone. Pondering the Creation story. Us as sparks of Life coming from God as expressions of Creative Light ourselves. (made this vid in 2017)

So, we, in our creative imaginations as sparks of Source Light, chose through our free will to dive in and experience the world of matter and form. We went through the dimensions from the first non-physical root races to more dense realities in order to feel what it was like to BE as someTHING. We started creating our own forms to inhabit.

Then came The Fall. The part in our story where we left Eden. We forgot that we were really non-physical expressions of Source Light. In our brilliance and with our ability to choose, we went so deep into the web/tapestry we had created that we quite simply forgot who we were. We wiped our own remembrance of not just how to simply get back, but also that we were anything else than what our 5 senses told us we were. We shut off like a mirror orb all around us…only reflecting back to us the limited awareness of who and what we are. But we were still creating…all the projections in the mirror and we were of course still fully connected to ALL that we seeped through into our dreams, into our expanding psychic senses and through synchronicities and paranormal/mystical experiences.

We went so far down the rabbit hole with our curious, creative minds that we started believing our own stories, our own manifestations of thought-form. Thoughts as form. …We started believing the story of HIS-STORY itself.. We were spellbound by the spell we initially cast…the stories of duality: a man and a woman when really we are androgynous; rich and poor based on an invention of money; races and nationalities when we are all One. The stories of all polarities and dualities..the route we chose to take but forgot why.

And why dd we choose it? We knew we would RETURN. Through our experiences, we knew we would climb back up like spiderman walking between two buildings..using the dual forces as traction to grow through.

How to Climb Vertically Between Two Walls: Fun Skill Tutorial! - YouTube

There is an old fable which holds the premise that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. We are frogs…slowly and increasingly experiencing the boiling over: fires, tsunamis, inequality, global pandemics, resistance to brutal military rule and lack of social freedoms and privacy.

When the frog on the slowly boiling waters noticed the heat…then the water..then the pot…then as they started flexing their little-used limbs, they realised they were not alone in the pot! And they formed connections and together they became stringer until they finally realised they had wings! And they could fly! But at that very moment..they remembered…and there was no pot of boiling water…there never was.

SO…why the Royal Tetons? Perhaps, as it was the spot we were seeded into the Earth plane…it is also the way Home.

But I do not believe I will not walk through the portal. I choose to bring through ALL of me. Is this truly possible? When we talk of being a walking master, or moving into our multidimensional selves right here and now…is that the point? Why?

What’s coming to my mind is that incredible image in the movie inception when she realises none of it is real and it simply implodes to reveal the Truth.

Feeling in to the potentials …and enjoying the Great Return.


Saint Germain, Master of the Violet Flame and Spiritual Alchemist


I feel My God Flame touch my brow,
The Breath of Love-eternal now,
Iraise my eyes and lo, I see
My own Great God Self over me.
Adazzling cloud envelopes all,
I hear My Real God “Presence” call,
I feel a surge of Love’s great might,
I enter deep its Breath-its Light.
I see within this Pulsing Flame,
I listen, and hear my Secret Name,
I am the Victor over death.
To my heart’s Light, all things do bow:
I am a Being of Cause alone
And That Cause, Love-The Sacred Tone.
I pour out Life-I lift, Iraise,
My heart o’erflows and sings its praise,
My power strengthens and inspires,
My Great Light Rays are God’s Own Fires.
I am a Sun, My Love-Its Light
All else grows dim-earth lost to sight;
I know I am just God-The One
The Source-The Great, Great Central Sun

Taken from The I AM discourse by Godfre Ray King

Channeled writings through Godfre who writes:

“This series of books is dedicated in deepest, Eternal Love and Gratitude to our Beloved Master, Saint Germain, the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton, the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, and those other Ascended Masters whose loving help has been direct and without limit.”

On birthing a new reality…and jumping out of the old timeline

Inception. Artwork by Francine Commeignes of Blue Ray Paintings (me 🙂

So amazing to witness and be a part of this time of divine will and order being established through chaos. 

And there’s so much chaos!

But it is our divine will.

We, as a whole human collective, are simultaneously being assaulted by the consequences of our own manifestations and complacency, …and waking up to the fact we can choose better. 

It’s not really a shock to see all the revelations that are coming to the surface, as much of it has been hiding in plain sight. The difference is we are no longer looking away. From racism, sexism, pedophilia, abuse, sex trafficking, political hypocrisy, military and police brutality, media bias, healthcare dysfunction and big pharma hijacking, financial fraud, ‘philanthropy’ hidden agendas etc. 

For many years we have been the frogs in boiling water: quiet, compliant, thinking that governments had our back and that safety lied in peace and calm. 

Then, bit by bit, we witnessed an increase in the loss of basic human rights, more intrusion of corrupt governments and private ‘service to self’ companies into our daily lives and more global terror inflicted in the name of ‘freedom’ or ‘safety’ or democracy. At the same time there was even less capacity to ignore, let alone resist. Just more silencing of dissent and abuse of the whistleblowers. 

Individually we watched as we continued buying our toys and watching our distractions. Talking about privacy whilst simultaneously giving it away. Some yelled and others looked away. Whispering questions of dissent but otherwise actively participating in the gradual disintegration of our quality of life, our ability to make choices. We huddled. We looked out behind masks and closed doors or choked on the smoke of nations burning.

And now? Well, it seems we’ve reached boiling point. The frog’s eyes have flipped wide open. We are waking up from the slumber. First confusion, then mounting alarm as we researched and saw the secrets being unearthed. Then deep reflection: how did I contribute? Do I stay silent? what action do I take? And we heard many voices telling us the action we must take and many explanations and reasons…but we had learned to question things now, to use our critical thinking and common sense..and so mostly, we were learning to go within to the place where all answers lie and trust our own inner voice. And then we went truly within. To the place where all answers lie.

 And we came out stronger, a little bruised maybe, a little shaken but wiser, stronger…and resolute. We realised we were sovereign and had authority over our reality…that we could chose, refuse and affect change. And we saw the Earth recovering and people being held accountable for their actions. The tide was starting to turn as more voices joined in, calling out hypocrisy, abuse, lies, falsehoods. .

  Reaching out their arms in the murky waters and feeling another’s outstretched hand. They noticed all the other frogs in the pot with them and they joined hands in unity and strength. Their skin colour was irrelevant and language no barrier.

Then the frogs started flying! opening up their wings they never knew they had! Using genes that had been suppressed. Hands grasped, they unwound the unseen binds that were holding them. Opening throats that had been constricted. Removing programs that had been implanted. One starts jumping and the others realise their legs still work even though they are stiff and sore from lack of use. 

People collectively making better choices: to fight against injustice, to speak up for others and fight for the rights they had lost. No longer seperate and divided but in unity. In strength. 

So, together we rise. Integrating and resolving polarity as we rise as One. Each new disruption, be it fire, virus, brutal and unjust murder or Earth’s nature destruction.. May stop us in our tracks while we steady our breaths and hearts, but ultimately increases our resolve and makes us plant our feet more firmly, arms entwined, gaze steady. Because giving birth is no easy task! The contractions can be extreme! But the body is well equipped to handle the task. And so are we. As we access, connect with and integrate all aspects of our multidimensional cosmic selves whilst being embodied on Earth. We gain the tools, the state of mind and more importantly the higher perspective you overcome all challenges. 

Now, what about you dear earth angel? 

Firstly, thank you🙏 You are the Light of the world. The truth and the way. The one come to transmute all darkness through the chaos.. and you knew all this before you came, brave heart. 

It was not an easy assignment. But there are others just like you… joined in our common goal: ascension. The ascension through dimensions from lower, denser timelines to higher more expansive ones. And to bring along everyone.. every single one. You’ve planted seeds, helped tear out roots, painted signposts and gathered flocks to help all willing eyes and hearts to open. 

So whatever role you are playing in this saga. You may be the spreader if calm, serenity and grace, you may be the bringer if truths or the voice of dissent. You may be oblivious to the world but standing in your full power and anchoring light. 

If you are following your heart, you are playing your part to perfection. Alone or in groups, we are heart united.

And absolutely nothing can stand up against the power of the awakened human heart when it is aflame. 

Solar shift: the flight of the Condor


As you continue to bask in the energies pouring through your Sun in this Now, pause and realise just how far you have come. Take time to remember and honour the journey you took to come Home:

You were born into ‘separation’. How could it not be so? You Brave Ones chose to incarnated as a mere fractal of your OverSoul. With this perception of separation came great fear, shame and the feelings of being alone, cast out of Eden into a den of snakes. You spent years trying to hide this from yourself and others whilst giving yourself many opportunities to fully dive in to these feelings and experiences. This wore you down and made you desperate and weak with despair.

But the days of separation are over and have been for a while, it’s just taking some time for you to fully catch up. You have now come to understand one thing: you are not separated at all and in truth you never were. It was all your divine deception to veil your Truth so you could come to the divine wisdom that you are king of your reality and the serpent is your friend from within.

And now? Now  you’ve chosen to re-member.

You remember this:

You are love

You are acceptance

You are connected to All there is

You are connected to all because you ARE All. The eye that sees outwards is the same ‘I’ that  sees out of every person, every animal, every sentient being and collective consciousness… and it is ALL consciousnesses: from the mitochondria in the cells of your body to the stars in the furthest galaxy; from the tiniest insect to the great unseen forces of nature and beyond. It is all One and it is all You.

 You have learned that in this now the most important thing is to love yourself (the balance of fear), to accept yourself (the balance of shame) and to make connections (balancing loneliness) that support you to grow in love and acceptance of yourself. And you have learned that doesn’t mean a fluffy, ‘still in denial of what is’ acceptance and love. This merely continued separation. You have learned authentic deep, raw, no nonsense acceptance of you, every… part… of you, warts and all, on all layers of your being.

And you have learned that you didn’t need to look outside of yourself:

You didn’t have to love everybody

You didn’t have to accept everybody,

You didn’t have to save anybody or fight for anybody

You didn’t need to put anyone else above or below you and you didn’t have to compete with anybody

You didn’t have to prove anything to anybody at all.

You simply started to accept yourself, so you could begin to teach yourself to love yourself, and by doing so, save yourself. You have proved yourself worthy of love by giving it to yourself. You have shown yourself worthy to be seen and heard by giving yourself permission to speak and act and accept yourself with compassion. You have learned from, and collaborated with, others, rather than compete. You have realised this feels good. You are filled up with gratitude and awe for all that is, wherever and however it is being expressed.

And thus you have ‘filled your cup’ so to speak. You have became ‘full of yourself’ and hid nothing away from yourself.  You started to see all that is, and you began to accept it. Fully and without any fear, shame or guilt to enter into the equation. You made wiser choices about what you fed your soul, who walked with you and where you preferred to be.

And in this way, you healed without even noticing. you healed with your own patience and compassion until you no longer saw those warts or imperfections. You healed old sacred wounds from this life and many other lives and they become your sacred medicines to help others. You ended up healing much more than you ever imagined, beyond yourself into the human collective and indeed, well beyond it.

You came to accept others with ease and grace because you have fully accepted yourself and understood that ALL is the great tapestry of life.

And you have discovered that indeed you can ‘save’ others, because you saved yourself. You are now blazing new pathways out of the old programs which others see and it awakens something within.

You have come to love others, because there is no longer any need to externally reflect any form of separation hidden within. There is only love and acceptance to love and accept. And if  you see things that make you cringe? Well you just accept it anyway and allow it to be included. You make wise choices and discernments but resist nothing.

And finally..

Finally, you have come home

After all your travels across infinite time and space.

To where your True Self has always been

Right here, right Now in You, where is was all along just waiting in silence for you to remember.

All of you is now home: your Soul and Spirit fully channeled through you as you fully step into the embodied walking master that you are.  You are now emanating love and acceptance and connectivity which is all you really came here to do.

You realise you are able to turn water into fire and fire into water for they are One. You can turn lead into Gold because you are the Alchemist magician and you remember YOU  ARE GOLD. You are the eagle and the condor, the lion and the mouse, the shepherd and the sheep. You remember you are the portal and the omniverse, you precious crystalline being of Light!

You remember what you are, who you are, why you are

And you ARE…


Time to celebrate Solar Angels,

Love and Blessings to you

Francine (with Archangel Michael as One Voice)

Solar Angel of Good Tidings

In honour if the solstice I have painted the Solar Angel of Good Tidings.

This angel of Yellow Light showers Abundance and Joy over Your Dreaming. Call upon her to come close and listen to your Whispered dreams and intentions… even if you are not yet ready to speak them out loud.  They will be heard and honoured. The Solar Angel of Good Tidings pours love and yellow light over you and blesses your dreams. She will guard them until they are ready to be birthed. In divine timing, when you are ready to manifest your dreams into your reality, she will walk with you to ensure you flow with ease and grace.

You are seen. You are loved. Your dreams are divinely blessedIMG_2238IMG_2257