What a wild day!


I spent this day on a wild treasure hunt. Watching lots of videos and opening books at random pages and reading random things on FB. Lots about Horus and the Blue Avian beings and the Essenes and Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. Lots of interesting connections and overlaps and discoveries.

The culmination was when I was watching a vid of Mary M with tabs open on the ACE Edgar Case library, the Pistis Sophia Essene gospel when Mark, a person I channeled for 2 months ago suddenly sent me a message saying “Hello Francine, I though  you might need some encouragement! I had channeled Mary Magdalene for him!!

I bought the book her suggested of the Mary Magdalene Gospel and the O manuscript and thought how cool it was that Spirit confirmed my path so beautifully.

Have organised a group meet up in Jan to practice the AR.

The Divine Masculine Energies

I have brought through so many channeled messages lately about the Divine Masculine energies!

Feeling the power and strength of masculinity without the need for patriarchy. I see both men and women (as we each have both elements within us) becoming empowered through the qualities of form, organisation, structure and action which helps to balance and support (into manifestation) the divine feminine energies of compassion, wisdom, beauty, gentleness, acceptance, and intuition. And it’s about time! enough of this disempowerment and feeling resentment and fear of each other! Enough suicides and violence! It feels like we are (energetically speaking) finally learning to come together as One, releasing our wounds and finally really seeing ourselves and each other without blinkers on…but rather with awe and deep respect. Honouring the Divinity within ourselves and one another.


My life as a channel

So, I am now a channel.

Channeled message

It started, after many, many synchronicities dating back to my early 30s or even before that with unusual experiences of hearing Spirit talk in my ear (at the time I just felt it was Mary).  But in my 30s was when I was shaken awake through a dramatic series of events starting with my arm moving by itself to write the word “remember” and being rescued from being lost in the bush in real life by my wolf guide.

Then I started my Ashati journey in 2014. This opened me upto real healing on all of my energetic layers and beyond. I started to feel stronger, more that I have ever felt. I started healing others energetically and realised it really changed lives just as my life had changed.

I quit my teaching job.

I re-started painting but I have always felt it indulgent and eventually bored of it and bored of painting flowers and scenes. But this time I started painting Goddess and Angels and then my friend Sharon requested I paint “her as her Higher Self”

Then I did a channeling workshop and loved it so much I knew this was ‘it’!

O offered free channeling sessions via Facebook and was amazed at the response.

Then I connected my two loves: channeling and painting and started offering “Soul Light Portraits”.  I channel and bring froth Highest Guidance for the person via Skype or FB and then I use the visuals I get as the basis of the painting.

I am now ON PATH’ as they say. In heaven doing what I love and giving much love and receiving much love in return and offering people love, guidance, support through channeling and beauty and a way to visualise their highest ideal of themselves artistically through painting…what a combination!

But who am I actually channeling?

Magenta Pixie describes the energy she channels like this:

  • “On a spiritual level, one can call them angels from an Angelic realm, an angelic structure.
  • On a Spiritual/ historic/ spiritual level: They are Extraterrestrial as they do not reside on this planet.
  • Looking more metaphysically they are Me, many, many Light years in the future
  • Looking biologically they are apparently chemicals in the body, neuro-transmitters, DNA structures. A series of chemicals. The DMT and The pineal gland(an activator of them). A DNA code that resides within all of us.”


For me, they seem to be a mix of all of this. Sometimes I feel like I am connecting with a ‘loved one on the other side’ (like a medium), sometimes I am connecting to an angelic feeling being who just pours love into the heart with words and feelings. Sometimes it feels like I am thinking things and it comes straight through me, sometimes it feels like a very wise ‘teacher/ master’ being who says things I don’t understand. I say things I should not really know to people I have never met before and I say things about their lives and about the ‘big picture’ of their soul. This is so incredible and I feel blessed.

I must admit to not really caring at this point who or what I am channeling, even though I am very much a person who likes to understand everything. I think at this point, I need to just go with the flow and focus on offering love and guidance by opening up to something Higher than/ beyond me.


Soul Light portraits

Walking on water

We are not meant to be swimming

under the water with the sharks and the tides and the deep darkness

We are meant to be walking on the water like we were shown

Until we take wing and hover above it like the moon

Leaving a luminous trail of light on the surface

for those submerged to swim towards

Spirit Animals_how they help us

Animals hold vibrational frequencies that can assist us on our journeys. The more we are aware of their spirit and connect with them, the more they can help us to expand.

Winnie the pooh

Just stepping outside and bringing your awareness to the sound of a bird and allowing that sound to become part of you, right here, right now, in that moment…you are connecting to Source. The animal kingdom is of the 3rd Dimension. Where thought forms have clumped into denser energy and become carbon forms with intelligence through a brain (unlike the forces and elements and chemical properties of the 1D mineral kingdom and the sentience of the 2D plant kingdom.

Some animals, such as our pets, vibrate at a very high frequency as they are an expression of ourselves in purity. We grow a lot when we connect with our pets and learn much about unconditional love and loyalty amongst other lessons. The trick is to not always talk to your pet but listen also and feel their love.

And then there are our spirit animals. They walk beside you and once you connect with them (usually one is strongest of all) there is no more questioning that you are absolutely and unconditionally loved by Spirit.

My spirit animal is wolf. Here is a video of my first ever encounter with Wolf in England. It howled and howled and kept looking at me and coming over and whimpering.

I have received messages both from other people and through my own guidance – channeling and dreams and in meditation, that wolf is my spirit animal. Not only do I know this in my very being…I have also met IRL !! (see my journal entry here for more details. I think this is very unusual. I have not heard of it before from anyone else. Having said that, I think many people have met their spirit animals but were unaware at the time that the animal was from Spirit. More about my wolf here https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/01/wolf/

For example, just this week I met Raven in the ‘real’ world who came to warn me of the dangers of opening to the astral plane in areas that have been defiled. (see previous post) When I was lost in the bush, I stumbled across Fox who was trying to tell me to wisen-up! quick smart and get a grip, think more. 🙂 Lovely fox!

On an Earth walk with Heather Price in Shamanic training, I came across an enormous collection of spiders on massive webs. Spider was teaching me that I am part of the web of life, part of community and needed to find my own community and get connected into the web and play my part.More here from May 2016 https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/28/882/

On another occasion spider came and bit me when I (once before) got off path at the national park and opened to ceremony. https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/21/spider-bite/


It seems the spirit world has to over exaggerate to get my attention 😛

These love birds in my garden taught me an appreciation of partnership and love and affection: So synchronised, just like my husband and me for 25 years!

DSC_2862.JPGAnd of course let’s not forget the feathers! My very first post on this blog. franinthevortex.com/2016/01/29/receiver-of-feathers/



And then there is whale who came to me when I was asking for the spirit animal of a client: “What is her spirit animal?” I asked. Within 10 minutes I enter a clearing from the bush and see a massive whale breaching and tossing about out on the ocean. That one made me laugh out loud!

And Goanna who came to confirm it was OK to start the grid of Ashati healers into the Australia wide meditation:


Here is an example of how to open yourself to signs in nature like I was taught:

https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/09/first-ashati-meditation-circle-sydney/ as well as https://franinthevortex.com/2016/05/28/882/

What animals have been trying to communicate with you recently? Can you remember a time when an animal came (seemingly out of nowhere) and shared a message with you? Ask a question now and then look to the animal kingdom and find the answer coming to you, you just need to notice. Pay attention from now on…they are always trying to share their wisdom.

I haven’t explored much of this site, just did a quick search, but this might help some people…but keep in mind that Spirit speaks directly to you! with all your experiences and knowledge and thoughts…so it’s always good to make your own meanings too!


Love, love, love to you X




How to reach a pure state of awakening?

Tonight I did Naomi’s Angel Contact meditation and then recited he invocation to ask for guidance from Highest Guidance with the help of the angels.

I align myself with the Highest Guidance now.
I ask for my Angels to draw very near and support me to receive the highest guidance possible for my highest good.
Angels, I am ready to receive your guidance now.
Please help me with… [state your situation or request here]


I asked to advice me about channeling…without the slightest doubts

They talked about combining all three states: mind, body and Spirit.

That all three must be aligned and in harmony, none neglected or left behind.

To be in a perfect state of calm and clarity…no fear, power and will, clarity or thought and intentions and to balance this with stable emotions,

To be in a healthy state of body, physically vital and flowing energetically

Combining these with spiritual strength and devotion.

This is the way to enlightenment and being a pure channel of love and Light on this Earth.

For it is by being on the Earth that we can rise to the heavens.

Ashati Ascension 5_Day 17_Spirit Guiding Me

Lately, I have noticed that I am talking to myself more. Not in a weird way…well, maybe haha. I mean that I am noticing my patterns and behaviours even more and am ale to communicate with my ego side to help shift.

I have come to realise that every emotion I feel in response to what happens in my life is a perfect opportunity to NOT judge this and have a conversation with my ego-self about how to move forward together. I am kind and patient and loving towards the response and emotion and I try to understand (by just listening) what is causing the reaction. Then we discuss how we can move forward.

For example. When we did not get a job on the first round of the job search and our plans are delayed, I felt embarrassed and even deeply ashamed. for some reason I cared so much that everyone else would think me a failure. Now my Higher self knows this to be not my truth, but my ego has had too many experiences of shame and being laughed at to think more nobly. It wants to protect me and is horrified that the same thing will happen…I will be laughed at and ashamed and it goes in to action mode to help me avoid that scenario…blame is the usual route of choice but also self doubt, hiding away and avoiding and thinking negative things on the people I know would actually judge me.

I explained that those feelings are in teh past and I can handle things better now. I don’t need to be so protected. It makes for a very interesting discussion which I won’t go into here.

The biggest lesson here is to listen to my inner thoughts and feelings, give them a voice and an opportunity to see things from a different perspective and release old fearful patterns.

Ashati Journey: Ascension 5

Affirmation this week: I will not allow other’s fears and limiting beliefs to affect my own thoughts, words or actions.

I am Light. I am Love.

This one is wild. Feeling moments of being bodily swamped by energy…shifts in consciousness, like a sudden entering into another dimension momentarily then gradually shifting back into the body. My whole body suddenly closes in and drop in heaviness, my hearing becomes muffled and I seem to stop thinking. My eyes want to close and I just sit still for a few moments until it passes. I try to follow the energy source, maybe it’s a download? But I am almost too drowsy in that moment to think clearly anyway. Very much in receiving mode.

again a whole lot of energy around the head, especially the third eye.

Last 2 nights my heart has been thumping in my chest. Slightly uncomfortable. This has happened before but I can’t remember now which activation it was. Quite a lot going on physically. Also belly upsets…have to eat less and more simple foods.

Needing to do lots of yoga, stretching and walking.

Did a meditation transmission with Steve Noble: The Lion people from Sirius. Unbelievably strong. I actually started to see and feel myself there! I feel healed and reconnected with my Lion family. That would explain my Sekhmet statue that seems to always get placed in a prominent position in my spaces. There is a reason I chose to be a Leo 🙂






Healing defined through my own guidance…

You are an infinite being. You are everything and anything at the same time. Healers help you to realise this. Healers allow others to resonate at their vibrational frequency, higher than they are usually able to be in and thus access their own Spiritual strength.

Healers can scan for blockages and attachments, clear un-needed energies, remove shadowy energies and hitchhikers etc, pass on messages from Spirit and help to clear karma, balance your energy centres and bring you to a state of peace and calm and harmony. In this state, you can access your own Higher Guidance and start the more conscious journey of healing yourself.

Healing is holding the space for someone to open up to their own inner guidance as infinite beings.

Healers can move stagnant energy around (clumped thought patterns) to bring out into the open certain blockages that are ready to be realised, to allow the person to be aware of their emotions around the blockage and thus the beliefs behind them that are affecting their behaviour and habits and limiting their unlimited Be-ingness.

Blockages are merely perceptions of reality that prevent us from being in harmony with who we are: infinite, loving, compassionate beings. When we allow ourselves to follow our own exciting journey without permitting others to sway us or hold power over us, we get into flow. We become sovereign and free. When in flow, we let go of everything that does not serve us and begin to exist in a state of Oneness where all things are available to us.

A biological perspective of Unity Consciousness

Last night Herve and watched a number of videos by Dr Bruce Lipton . The way he speaks is fun, informative and thought provoking. It made me think.

All messages coming to humans at this time have a very similar thread:

We are One.

A cell of the whole body. A spark in the whole fire, a drop in the whole ocean. Each cell holds the signature and information of the whole. There is no separation of the various parts. We are the whole thing.

The All is in All and All is in The All 🍀

We are energy and our energy is connected to all other energy for we are all parts of All energy, our thoughts are energy and we use them to manifest our realities. Our creations (systems, institutions, rules, physical creations) are our energy manifested outwardly. We are spiritual beings co-creating with our physical bodies our realities in a physical world.

And boy do we get carried away with creating! We get bored with our creations and so keep creating more and more and more, we try to start defining ourselves in relation to our creations, we devise rules around our creations, we compare our creations to other creations and compete or judge…and we made the whole thing up. How brilliant are we?!

So, what is our story using a biological point of view?  (ideas of Dr Bruce and my own ponderings around them)…

Cells connecting to other cells and clustering together to be organs, organs connecting to other organs and clustering to be bodies, bodies connecting to other bodies and clustering to be families, families connecting to other families and  clustering to be communities, communities connecting with other communities and clustering to be nations, nations connecting to other nations and clustering to be humans, humans connecting and clustering to be Humanity. Humanity is The People of Earth.

= Planetary Unity Consciousness ❤

And just as we are spirit co-creating with our physical bodies.. we learn to love and care for our bodies and our physical minds with healthy food, exercise, rest and relaxation. This is how we accept ourselves as grounded and spiritual-minded too and become whole humans.

And just as we are spiritual and grounded humans co-creating with our ‘home’ temple: Earth, we learn to accept and and care for our planet and all the beings both sentient and non-sentient who reside alongside us. We include ‘her’ in our decisions and become whole.

Next step?

Earthlings connecting with other planetary civilisations and clustering to be Universal Consciousness.

Universal Consciousness connecting and clustering to be … I don’t even have a word for that. Presumably it continues on to…All.

And funnily enough we are that already!


Well, first we need to Wake Up and get out of the Matrix…all those limiting beliefs and structures we created with our magnificent co-creative powers:

And, if interested, here is the video we watched last night that inspired this post…