New Blueprint for Humanity

If the original blueprint had freewill, duality and separation….

Is the new blueprint God’s will, integration and connectivity?

Solar shift: the flight of the Condor


As you continue to bask in the energies pouring through your Sun in this Now, pause and realise just how far you have come. Take time to remember and honour the journey you took to come Home:

You were born into ‘separation’. How could it not be so? You Brave Ones chose to incarnated as a mere fractal of your OverSoul. With this perception of separation came great fear, shame and the feelings of being alone, cast out of Eden into a den of snakes. You spent years trying to hide this from yourself and others whilst giving yourself many opportunities to fully dive in to these feelings and experiences. This wore you down and made you desperate and weak with despair.

But the days of separation are over and have been for a while, it’s just taking some time for you to fully catch up. You have now come to understand one thing: you are not separated at all and in truth you never were. It was all your divine deception to veil your Truth so you could come to the divine wisdom that you are king of your reality and the serpent is your friend from within.

And now? Now  you’ve chosen to re-member.

You remember this:

You are love

You are acceptance

You are connected to All there is

You are connected to all because you ARE All. The eye that sees outwards is the same ‘I’ that  sees out of every person, every animal, every sentient being and collective consciousness… and it is ALL consciousnesses: from the mitochondria in the cells of your body to the stars in the furthest galaxy; from the tiniest insect to the great unseen forces of nature and beyond. It is all One and it is all You.

 You have learned that in this now the most important thing is to love yourself (the balance of fear), to accept yourself (the balance of shame) and to make connections (balancing loneliness) that support you to grow in love and acceptance of yourself. And you have learned that doesn’t mean a fluffy, ‘still in denial of what is’ acceptance and love. This merely continued separation. You have learned authentic deep, raw, no nonsense acceptance of you, every… part… of you, warts and all, on all layers of your being.

And you have learned that you didn’t need to look outside of yourself:

You didn’t have to love everybody

You didn’t have to accept everybody,

You didn’t have to save anybody or fight for anybody

You didn’t need to put anyone else above or below you and you didn’t have to compete with anybody

You didn’t have to prove anything to anybody at all.

You simply started to accept yourself, so you could begin to teach yourself to love yourself, and by doing so, save yourself. You have proved yourself worthy of love by giving it to yourself. You have shown yourself worthy to be seen and heard by giving yourself permission to speak and act and accept yourself with compassion. You have learned from, and collaborated with, others, rather than compete. You have realised this feels good. You are filled up with gratitude and awe for all that is, wherever and however it is being expressed.

And thus you have ‘filled your cup’ so to speak. You have became ‘full of yourself’ and hid nothing away from yourself.  You started to see all that is, and you began to accept it. Fully and without any fear, shame or guilt to enter into the equation. You made wiser choices about what you fed your soul, who walked with you and where you preferred to be.

And in this way, you healed without even noticing. you healed with your own patience and compassion until you no longer saw those warts or imperfections. You healed old sacred wounds from this life and many other lives and they become your sacred medicines to help others. You ended up healing much more than you ever imagined, beyond yourself into the human collective and indeed, well beyond it.

You came to accept others with ease and grace because you have fully accepted yourself and understood that ALL is the great tapestry of life.

And you have discovered that indeed you can ‘save’ others, because you saved yourself. You are now blazing new pathways out of the old programs which others see and it awakens something within.

You have come to love others, because there is no longer any need to externally reflect any form of separation hidden within. There is only love and acceptance to love and accept. And if  you see things that make you cringe? Well you just accept it anyway and allow it to be included. You make wise choices and discernments but resist nothing.

And finally..

Finally, you have come home

After all your travels across infinite time and space.

To where your True Self has always been

Right here, right Now in You, where is was all along just waiting in silence for you to remember.

All of you is now home: your Soul and Spirit fully channeled through you as you fully step into the embodied walking master that you are.  You are now emanating love and acceptance and connectivity which is all you really came here to do.

You realise you are able to turn water into fire and fire into water for they are One. You can turn lead into Gold because you are the Alchemist magician and you remember YOU  ARE GOLD. You are the eagle and the condor, the lion and the mouse, the shepherd and the sheep. You remember you are the portal and the omniverse, you precious crystalline being of Light!

You remember what you are, who you are, why you are

And you ARE…


Time to celebrate Solar Angels,

Love and Blessings to you

Francine (with Archangel Michael as One Voice)

Solar Angel of Good Tidings

In honour if the solstice I have painted the Solar Angel of Good Tidings.

This angel of Yellow Light showers Abundance and Joy over Your Dreaming. Call upon her to come close and listen to your Whispered dreams and intentions… even if you are not yet ready to speak them out loud.  They will be heard and honoured. The Solar Angel of Good Tidings pours love and yellow light over you and blesses your dreams. She will guard them until they are ready to be birthed. In divine timing, when you are ready to manifest your dreams into your reality, she will walk with you to ensure you flow with ease and grace.

You are seen. You are loved. Your dreams are divinely blessedIMG_2238IMG_2257


Today I did this meditation:

Wow! Highly recommend

My purpose:

TO be a Light Bearer and wayshower. I emanate freedom and this awkends others like a fractal. I show them what they are capable of by living a life of beauty love and fearlessness. I am free to be ME.

I have all the big Cats with me: Tiger, Lion, White Lion, Puma, bobcat and mountain Lion: ALL are there representing many beings of LIght

I have Bear!

I have all of the Holy Family: ALL the members of this lineage: Anna, MM, Jesus, The Essenes, The Cathars, ALL of them are with me and assist me. I am family!


Paint, channel the being represented

Share this with the world



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Creative Mastery

9120B9AD-50B7-4488-8CE2-68BD5AC09B9F.jpegMassive lessons this week about how much we really do create our own reality. The teacher/student in me wishes to share my very practical lesson, perhaps it can help. 

Herve and I had a big worldly lesson about being naive and overly trusting (around a US Craigslist house rental ad) Fortunately we lost no money so managed to learn the ‘preparation for America’ lesson without too much material consequence. 

However, what I did notice is how easily and quickly my mind moved into a state of anger and suspicion and fear about my future. I had allowed myself to get attached to my ego and off I went! Suddenly I recalled all my past bad experiences and started the fear trap of illusion. 

Here is where my real lesson occurred! 

I slipped into an alternative universe that reflected perfectly my fear and suspicion. Suddenly my neighbours started fighting, I saw a shopkeeper taking photographs of a man she suspected of stealing (more arguments), people on the roads were more aggressive out of nowhere, and just in general people were rude, incompetent or annoying. 

Fortunately for me I have a great Guidance team who always help me to learn my lessons quickly and I’m a quick learner 🙂 so this all only lasted a day. But what a day!! Urghh! I also have an incredible husband and great friends/ healers around me who assisted me to verbally share my experiences si I could work out what was happening and then help me realign to a state of reassuring calm, peace and love. Now everything has returned to normal as I breathe in more and more love and express gratitude for the teachings. 

What a learning! 

A great big neon signpost showing me in a way I will never forget that our thoughts are reflected externally as if we have a big circular mirror that surrounds us at all times… facing inwards! (I put an exclamation mark there as I used to visualise an outward facing mirror of protection before I learned about how energy flows). Literally everything and everyone allows us to ‘see’ and experience in a tangible way what we are feeling and thinking inside. It ‘brings into life’ in ways that assist our growth: we may experience what we judge or what we envy or what we fear. To help us to recognise these hidden parts of ourself. What a precious gift life gives us, we truly are Creators on ALL levels. I knew this mentally before but this week I got to witness it in all its glory like I was sitting in the classroom of a Master. 

In the past, these reflections came back to us more slowly so we sometimes did not realise it was a consequence of our own own creative abilities. But in this NOW, things happen quicker. We see an almost immediate reflection of our internal mental and emotional states. 

So my question to you is what are you currently experiencing around you? Is love and beauty, gratitude and joyful bliss being reflected back to you? (I know many of you will say YES!) or are there other lessons you are currently learning? Either way, you are Love and you are Loved. There is no doubt you are ascending into Love ♥️

Know that just as when we allow ourselves to be triggered by events that shift us into fear based negative thinking, we can also shift our focus to more forgiveness and acceptance … which will likewise be reflected back to us. 

Just in awe of Universal LOVE 💖 

The lesson: 

Be mindful of your thoughts and reactions. Realise how much we are One, the world is reflecting back all that you energetically create so create the life you want to exist in! Make considered choices (in ALL areas of your life) and take responsibility for them. 

Release all fear and feelings of having no control or being seperate. 

Experience Oneness. Expand into Love. This is not being naive or simplistic: this is being a Master Creative Force. 



The Book of Knowledge: keys of Enoch

Loved this part…

“Consciousness is the directing force.

Matter and mind  simply do not come out of a simplified evolutionary material realm, but mind and matter come out of the consciousness realm, that links us with the much greater evolutionary possibility of creation. We see it in all its various form, appearing now on our doorstep.

..We need a new definition of: What is scientific truth? What is Spiritual realty and how we all exemplify this in the sense of Unconditional Love we have for one another? And thus, as we open the Book of Life, we realise that we are co-creators in the next chapter of the Book of Life. We have a brighter future if we decide to go with the positive spiral into the greater cosmos rather than hold on to the material aspects of the old paradigms that are basically being removed or falling in to the lower spiral of negativity.”

We are part of a vasty intelligent universe 🙂

Using Colour to help your Healing/ Ascension process

Colour is an easy and powerful tool to bring more focussed energy into your BEing. Colour is simply LIGHT and Light is made up of wavelengths…each colour represents a colour that our eyes perceive along this spectrum of Light waves. Just like a rainbow splits the LIGHT into the ‘rays’ we can see with our eyes when it passes through a prism. You can learn more about colour theory here:


Humans perceive a relatively limited range of colours because we have just 3 cones in our eyes that are sensitive to visible light which lies in a very small region of the electromagnetic spectrum of 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) and a colour range of red through to violet. Fun fact: dogs have 2 cones, butterflies have 5 cones and mantis shrimp have 12…makes you wonder what they are seeing, doesn’t it?!

Now everything is energy. Even science is discovering this and everything can be measured on scales of vibration and frequency. Everything that IS has a particular vibrational frequency: all actions, all words, all thoughts, all things,…even people, animals, and objects. Sounds have vibrational frequency and so does colour.

Our life is simply a reflection of our state or level of consciousness which we can relate to our chakras or energy vortexes. They correlate to:

But all things are MIND. If you close your eyes, you can bring  any colour in to your mind. You start to ‘see/feel’ the colour with your mind’s eye (or 3rd eye). Additionally, as we evolve, we can perceive more and more of the LIGHT spectrum.

When we visualise a  particular colour, we effortlessly and easily align ourselves with the vibrational frequency of that colour. You can use this for healing that area of your life (focused through the correlating chakra).

Intention, as always, is the key.

2018: A Message to your Heart


A message to your heart:

You’ve learned many things over the last few years!

  • You’ve been to classes, read inspiring posts and informative books, watched videos and gained A LOT of knowledge about what you are interested in.
  • You’ve heard and read and thought a lot about following your own path and doing what makes you happy and giving yourself care and time, just for you. (You even made some meditation attempts which were pretty impressive, considering.)
  • You’ve had a lot of thoughts and encouragement about changing that ‘stuff’ (friendships, job, location, habits etc) that just doesn’t feel right any more.
  • You’ve been through A LOT and come through the other side, stronger, wiser and knowing more about yourself and what you are capable of.
  • You’ve changed.
  • You’re pretty awesome.
  • You’re ready.

In 2018…it’s time to start applying all this knowledge.