Healing…what is it really?

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You are an infinite being. You are everything and anything at the same time

Healing is holding the space for someone to open up to their own inner guidance as infinite beings. Then using a few healing skills to assist them on their journey.


Healers allow others to resonate at a frequency, higher than they are usually able to be in. Healers bring out to the open certain blockages that are ready to be realised, to allow the person to be aware of their emotions around the blockage and thus the beliefs behind them that are affecting their behaviour and habits and limiting their unlimited being-ness.

Blockages are merely perceptions of reality that prevent us from being in harmony with who we are: infinite, loving, compassionate beings.

When we allow ourselves to to be in harmony and a state of Oneness,  we exist in a state of oneness and all things are available to us. Guidance, the Unconditional Love of the Universe and Healing on all of our energy bodies and physical body,  We also have access to our memories: our cellular memories of this life, our past life memories and our genetic memories (stored in our DNA which carry archetypal imprints generation after generation.)

So, what is a healer doing? Holding the space of Unconditional Love and Acceptance; bringing in Universal Energy of a high vibration; helping your energy to flow in harmony and balance; bringing in beings of Light from the highest realms; shifting blockages to your subconscious or/and conscious mind to be released; removing entities or other shadowy elements. Healers can ‘see’ or feel where energy blocks are on the physical body and aura and can use intention, will and divine love to move and shift the energy. Healers can help shift any of the following (from pic)

My Body: My Earth

Last night I was listening to a podcast by Christina Pratt and in it she said:

We can observe how we treat the Earth by how we treat our own bodies.

What a horrible thought! I do not give much thought to my body and only occasionally pamper it or look after it for the long term.



The Blue Ray

Many years ago, 16 to be precise, my first teacher of all things spiritual Patricia, told me that I ‘came in on the blue ray’. It is only now that I am starting to understand what she meant. I found this site (link given) which funnily enough describes me perfectly and includes many of the Light Beings I have found a connection to.When I typed in “The Blue Ray Spiritual” on Google images, I found the image below. I have come to the conclusion that this is the closest I have come, from all of my searches to understanding who I am and from whence I have come.


This is what I found out about the Blue Ray: copy/ pasted from this website

“The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. These Star Seeds are the lost ray of the Light Worker that work closely with the consciousness of Gaia and nature.

By being born in unhealthy dysfunctional families their 1st mission in transmuting the damaged genetics in raising the DNA code to light is accomplished, as they are innate transformers and alchemist having the violet fire within their field. The main aura colours of a Blue Ray are variable shades of Blue, ranging from aqua to darker blues, always having traces of violet. This is one of the reasons many Blue Rays are mistaken for indigos, as both have the color spectrum of Blue in their aura.

The Blue Rays are old soul that experience alienation, having emotional or psychological problems, as they know Earth is not their home and feel their family is not their real, true family. They sense they are from the stars. Like the Indigos the Blue Rays are highly gifted with super sensory perception, many have telepathic and telekinesis abilities with communicating and seeing the other realms, nature spirits, angels and extraterrestrials can be very common and natural to them.

One of the greatest difference of a Indigo and Blue Ray is the Indigos are outwardly direct and strong willed in speaking and in their demeanor, as the Blue Rays are the opposite. The Blue Rays have had difficulty throughout their entire lives in communicating and speaking up. This cause them to withdrew inwardly though always knowing their higher truth. Most Blue Rays have learning disabilities and had challenges relating and being in the world.

They can be walk-ins, being born as a Blue Ray or merge with their Blue Ray essence later in life. When the Blue Rays 1st mission of healing their family genetics is mostly accomplished, their true soul’s calling creates a powerful dynamic shift to awaken them to pursue a higher destiny and purpose. Their higher purpose always involves being a powerful catalyst for elevating the collective consciousness bringing love, light and healing to the world.

Whether they are male or female, all Blue Rays have the embodiment ray of Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Divine Feminine Essence so they may assist in balancing the energies of the planet.”

For more information: http://spiritlibrary.com/shekina-rose/blue-ray-transmissions/are-you-fro… and www.shekinaspeaks.com


The Ascension Process

The Ascension process is the switch in vibration from the 3D world to the 5D dimension. We are now in 4D.


We are re-membering who we really are: Multidimensional spiritual beings.

Now we are experiencing multidimensional states: The 3rd dimension where most of the world operates on fight/flight, fear/desire, anger/victimhood, material possessions define who I am and there is an enemy out there that I need to fight/defend against.

Depending on your level of resistance, the ascension process can be smooth pr rough. There can be repeating patterns in your soul thread which you resist, or resistance to moving on and up.

There are 3 groups: the early-birds who have been dabbling for years and learnt to get on. Then the ones that were awakened during the Cosmic Moment of 21st December 2012 (with a jolt). There is no more karma. From this date, we create our own karma.

The others are slowly waking up now because the energy is unstoppable. Light-worker’s job is to assist these people and support each other.

For Light-workers: ask and you will receive. But remember that you are also expected to make your own decisions. Your intuition is already strong and we can make our own heart-based decisions. Trust your own wisdom because ultimately you have all the answers. In 2014, the blueprint for the 12 chakras was downloaded into all of us.


Protection for LightWorkers from Steve Nobel:


On fear and false evidence

I have often heard it said that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

dsc_80601(Click on pic to go to source)

I don’t accept this explanation of fear; sometimes there really are times when fear is based on solid evidence of danger. It can be a justified emotional response to something that can cause you harm. Telling someone that is being attacked or is caught in the middle of war that their fear is based on false evidence is absurd. So evidence, be it real or not, is not fear; our evidence creates fear.

Having said that, at times our evidence can be a false illusion.

What we believe to be true is based on a belief. Beliefs in turn are based on appearances or what other people have said and taught us, or what has happened in the past. We bring our beliefs to every situation that arises in our life. Beliefs can help to create the emotion of fear that is indeed ‘evidence appearing real’. Whether it is deemed false is all in the eye of the beholder.

To give an example: imagine someone who fears migrants ‘taking over the country’. This fear is an emotional response to what they believe could happen to themself, their way of life and their country if too many different people are let in.

We can live too much in what might happen in the future, creating the emotion of fear that could be a complete waste of time and energy. We can spend years worrying about the possibly of losing their job, the possibility of finding out their partner is unfaithful, the possibility of crashing your car. What a complete waste of time and thought energy. We get stuck living either in our bad past experience or horrible future scenarios…both can and do get brought to affect our present. It may never actually happen and if it does happen, well, we’ll just deal with it then, just in the same way we deal with everything that presents itself in your life. Surely we have better things to dream up and imagine!

Oh, and I’m not saying it’s not good to plan ahead for things that are inevitable or even possible, but that is very different from living in a space of fear. Fear rarely causes positive action, it usually just expends energy and leaves you tired and weak.  Whereas forward thinking is motivating. You can make more rational decisions and wiser choices when you live this way.

There’s one more reason why being fearful of something that only appears real or may be real in the future…you can actually make it happen! Our lives have a very basic secret and that is that whatever we give our attention to, will be where our energy goes. If you spend your days imagining your partner in bed with someone else, your spending time away from being present and attentive and loving towards your partner. If you spend your days worrying about losing your job, your spending time and effort on nothing that can actually help you to keep the job. If you spend your time thinking about the possibility of crashing a car, you can program your mind to believe it so much you may actually drive fearfully and hesitate and make mistakes that actually do cause an accident.




What exactly is Energy Healing and how can it affect you?


Energy healing facilitates a harmonising process by clearing blocks in the biofield, repairing and re-balancing the energy patterns. The body can then move to its optimal level of function and balance to heal itself.

From my own personal experience of healing and healing others, I ‘churn up’, cleanse and purify your energy centres located through and over your physical body. This in turn will cleanse, purify and strengthen your physical body because these energy centres are the ‘gateways’ to the energy bodies or ‘aura’ that surrounds you. Your aura is the subtle, luminous radiation of YOU. What happens here can affect and be affected by what’s going on inside your physical body.

The 7 energy centres that we call ‘chakras’ can become clogged and dense and slow down their natural spin due to a number of factors. One of the roles of a healer is to get everything flowing smoothly again for optimum mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Chakras function by processing the information from within and without. When you take care of your mind, body and spirit; are kind towards yourself and others and are able to give and receive love, your chakras are spinning beautifully. In this case, a healer will just maintain your health and flow. Unfortunately, a person in this state is a rather rare breed. After all, we are all only (and amazingly) human.

Factors such as exposure to environmental or ingested toxicity, mental and emotional stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs and other people’s negative or draining energy are all factors that can affect the natural processes and degrade the aura.

How well you are emanating LOVE through your thoughts and actions and words, and fulfilling your own pre-birth intentions will be reflected in your energy bodies which is then further reflected in the physical form.

For example, when you experience challenges but don’t allow them the emotions and thoughts to flow through you, be processed and then Let Go of, this ‘stuck’ energy can clog one or more of your chakras and eventually lodge itself in one of your energy bodies. From there it may coalesce to the etheric body (the blueprint of the physical) which will eventually reveal itself back in the physical in the form of pain, dis-ease and instability. It becomes harder and harder to function in your every day life and you just know and feel something is not right.

Healing can  restore the natural flow of your energy by removing unnecessary or stagnant energy in the chakras and in your energy field.

Some of this shadowy energy can be new  or old, either in or near the chakras in your energy field. All of it can cause problems be they emotional instability or mental confusion and and left unattended, they can develop into physical symptoms.

To explain in a different way; you have a physical body made up of atoms of different sizes and purposes within 11 different systems. Each system serves a particular function but their main task is to process and utilise the energy you need to take in such as food nutrients and water,  or to regulate and protect you from any dangers that your body is exposed to.  It’s an amazingly fine-tuned machine with a super computer at the control desk.

Your chakras work in just the same way. They are another system working on a different frequency so not seen with the 3D eyes but certainly felt. (Ever just felt uncomfortable around someone you don’t know? Ever felt the opposite? ) The super being in control of all of this? Your Higher Self…the YOU that is Divine, eternal and One with All.

You are also so much more than your amazing physical body which exists in the 3D. You are energy. Everything about you is different vibrations and frequencies of energy. It is all connected. (As are you to Gaia, Source and absolutely everything else in all of time and space.)

By working with the energy systems we can access all levels of our existence to induce multi-dimensional healing. How’s that for a holistic approach to your life and your physical, emotional and spiritual health?

Some stuck energy is your own and will not be moved on until you address the underlying limited belief or suppressed memory/emotional pain. However healing can get this energy mobile so that it rises to the conscious mind and, if you are ready, you can release it by yourself by being honest and brave and facing it. (just remember to not hold on to it after you face it…just release it and let it go.)

Healers open, anchor and hold the sacred space for healing to occur. They then call in and ‘channel’ healing energies through their hands and aura. Each of these perform various healing tasks on the person and will be called in throughout the healing session as needed. Healers also ask for assistance from LightBeings willing to help you from the highest dimensions.. (A Dimension is a state of consciousness and a means of organizing different planes of existence according to the vibratory rate of that which exists. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.) Healers often have helpers and teacher/masters they are personally working with but are sometimes guided to your own guides and teacher masters to assist during a healing. A shamanic healer in traditional cultures was given the task of keeping everyone healthy and prevent illness from developing.

Additionally, you have some more energy chakras above your head and a couple below you in the Earth…focussing on these will keep you grounded and connected to Source. Healing can strengthen your connection and awareness with these additional chakras so that you have greater access to your own Divine nature and wisdom.

Basically, healing cleanses, purifies and upgrades your complete self : all of your physical and energetic bodies, to give you more clarity, more serenity and more physical, mental and emotional health and stability.

After a healing, you will feel a sense of calm with a renewed and more-centred ability to process and review what needs changing in your life. The process is gentle and you (your Higher Self) will be guiding the entire process during and after. You will never be given anything you can not process and if you just need relaxation and gentle healing, that is exactly what you will receive.



The Arcturian Chamber of Light

So, I have been reading the book “We, the Arcturians” and learning all about the different chambers on their star ship and mission here (to assist the children of Light to wake up and bring forth Divine Wisdom for humanity’s awakening).

I looked on FB yesterday and funnily enough the first thing I saw was a link to a Youtube meditation with the Arcturians inside one of the chambers. Lol.

So last night I did this most amazing meditation. So funny that I felt a ‘click’ in my energy field and then heard “You will feel a ‘click’ in your energy field.” I had to smile. Here is the link in case you are reading this at some point…I am finding if you read something it is meant directly for you…I try to read things not meant for me and it just doesn’t sink in or I get bored and turn off etc. If you are here..reading this third paragraph down..try this meditation as it is something worth exploring.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 1.44.14 PM.png

Preparation Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light

Yesterday I was really down…I cried for seemingly no reason in my car and asked for help. I don;t know what I’m doing, I don;t know what I’m meant to be doing..I have low confidence and lack direction. I sincerely request help…to wake up, to raise my vibration and frequency in order to be a pure channel of God’s Love and Light here on Earth..I recognise that I still get caught up in nonsense and duality and polarity and sometimes even hurt people, through my words and actions, these are things that upset me to say. I’m tired of slogging at a job that brings me little joy. But I also don;t have a clear alternative…I created the space (time) to explore and learn more, which is what is happening but I still don;t know what I’m doing. Do I go into healing? art? song? Do I learn more or start doing? I don’t feel ready although I feel more ready than before.

Q: If I start, where do I start?

A: My website. The name, the logo, the articulation of what I do and how I can help. Mention the art but also just start making the art…gifts for people given with love. Children’s art for their rooms: angels and protection and peaceful images. Love, peace, kindness, protection. Nature, Earth connection, Unity..all positive imagery. Get ready, it is coming, be prepared. Your job will pass, it is transitory. Assist those that you can while you are there. You will not lose your friends but you will also gain many more…your tribe. Relax, enjoy, be at peace with the patterns you see emerging…you laugh and we laugh with you for it is such joyful fun. Keep that sense of awe and laugh out loud.

Q: I was wondering about me…am I a helper or someone just starting to wake -up? Can the Arcturians help me?

A: It already in motion and we watch lovingly to all that you do and learn and achieve…much more than you give yourself credit for…we laugh but also sigh that you do not acknowledge the wonderful things you have already done. We rejoice.

Just focus on spreading your love, your laughter, your humour and your strength..it is enough to be these things. You have skill that you impart. It helps. Inspire. Encourage. Be. You. Things are alreday in the works. Enjoy this part of the journey and think not of “what’s next, what’s next, what am I NOT doing? …sing my dear one…

How to “Wake Up”


Besides reading books that may be of assistance, meditation, body work, transformational breath work, and working with crystals can all be helpful. Be sure that your intent is to ask, whether it be your guides or your highest self, that you want to be awakened and fully-realized so that you can contribute what you came to do. Ask that the teachers come to you. Do your work — clear some of the limiting patterns and behaviors that keep you from being true to yourself. You know what is right for yourself. If you find a particular thing that really resonates, go and seek it out, because it will help you along the way. Remain in your own integrity. Don’t be compromised. Your own truth is what matters most.

Kelemeria Myarea Elohim

Q & A With A Pleiadian Sirian Walk-In

A nice web guide to Awakening: here 

Universal Consciousness

So, I’m starting to ponder about universal consciousness and what it is.

The Arcturians say that thoughts are forms that exist in UC and can be accessed as our own if we vibrate or resonate with it’s frequency. Those are my words but I think that’s what they mean. For example if you are often angry and feel vibrationally low (and you may feel literally heavy and droopy and weak) you will access thoughts in the ether that correlate to the same frequency.

These thoughts flow through you in the same electromagnetic energy they exist in in the UC…for you ARE the co-creator of the Universal Consciousness. You are adding your thought forms to it  We all do. Your thoughts are ‘collected” just as everybody’s are. You add to and pull from…like attracts like. You re-affirm your thoughts and beliefs, whether they be limiting or expanding, because you resonate with similar thoughts and beliefs.

So, do I have thoughts that are just my own? Not shared in the UC?

No. All thoughts are electric energy…can you contain the electromagnetic current within the confines of a brain? Take a picture of it with a lens that picks up electromagnetic energy and you will see it does not stay inside the perimeter of the brain.  You are always picking up the thought and feeling energies of others and they do not try to control them…neither do you. It takes much practise to do this.


What is at the ‘top’ of the high vibrations? I mean if we all resonate at different vibrations and some are low and some are high…is it just a scale like Hermes was saying?

It is circular. It is a gradient but there is no top or bottom.

But there must be a starting place.

Is that a question?

Sure. Is there a starting place? A source? the highest of the highest vibrations? 

You know when you listen to frequencies, hertz…there comes a point when the frequency is so high that is it inaudible. There is also a pint when you lower the frequency so low that is inaudible to your ear…therefor it could be said that the gradient either way reaches the same point…it comes full circle.

The gradient or frequencies is like a roll of sticky tape. 

Your words not mine.

Sekhem, Sekhmet and Seichim: Healing energies from Ancient Egypt

Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy, Intelligence and Power (chi, prana, energy). The symbol of sekhem in ancient Egypt was the sceptre (or staff) which can be seen as the connection of heaven and earth (as above, so below).In terms of consciousness, Sekhem is the state of ‘all-knowing’.

Sekhmet is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of healing and regeneration who is associated with sekhem. She represents power and might and protects sekhem energy. Sekhmet the lion goddess is represented with a sun disk (aten: Creator and giver of life) above her head surrounded by the risen serpent (uraeus: divine authrity) as she holds a staff (connecting heaven and Earth) and anhk (male/female-yin/yang or ‘the breath of life’).


In 1991 I visited the British Museum and bought myself a little statue which I have had ever since. At the time I just liked it but now, with a better understanding of astrology (lion) and ancient egyptian learnings, I know why I was attracted to it so long ago. This is it: 14550503_663125433854526_531165638_o

As an aside I wonder, just wonder, if the sun disk is really a representation of the Soul-Light Dimension (the 5th)  and the serpent is the risen kundalini energy that has reached the soul-light thus connecting the person from the elemental earth chakra below to the opened chakras above the head: This would mean that the Goddess has full knowledge of her soul’s journey complete with Akashic (past life) records and knows she is an eternal spirit and one with the Creator: Enlightenment in the physical body! 

Seichim (pronounced Say-kem) is the healing energy channelled through the hands of initiates…me:)about-sekhem-01

What is seichim and how does it work? Seichim draws on the elements of fire, water and air for healing. Each element helps you to connect more with your higher self (the wise Om within)

  • Water Energy (Sophi‐Ei) helps to gently push emotional issues to the surface through a pulsing vibration and re-balances you with the flow of water.
  • Air (Angelic‐light) facilitates healing and balancing on the mental body through a gentle breeze. It will help you to understand, connect and communicate better .
  •  Fire (Sakara): helps to transmute energy from negative to positive through a energy that feels like a gentle, tingling, electrical current that runs through your body.

History of Seichim: Patrick Zeigler is the founder of Seichim, as used in present times, and he is the one who “re-discovered” this energy. Patrick had a long-standing dream to spend the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. He accomplished this in 1980 and during that night in the pyramid, the Seichim/Sekhem energy presented itself to Patrick, in the form of a swirling electric-blue light moving in an infinity pattern. This light entered Patrick’s heart, resulting in a form of initiation that left him permanently connected with an infinite source of the Seichim/Sekhem energy. Patrick found that this energy could be applied for healing purposes. Patrick’s website is here.

There are other people you can find on the net also using sekhem energy such as here and here. What an amazing world we live in when ancient knowledge resurfaces!







http://www.alkhemi.co.uk/index.htm (loving this website about Egyptian healing alchemy)