Today I did this meditation:


Wow! Highly recommend

My purpose:

TO be a Light Bearer and wayshower. I emanate freedom and this awkends others like a fractal. I show them what they are capable of by living a life of beauty love and fearlessness. I am free to be ME.

I have all the big Cats with me: Tiger, Lion, White Lion, Puma, bobcat and mountain Lion: ALL are there representing many beings of LIght

I have Bear!

I have all of the Holy Family: ALL the members of this lineage: Anna, MM, Jesus, The Essenes, The Cathars, ALL of them are with me and assist me. I am family!


Paint, channel the being represented

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Creative Mastery

9120B9AD-50B7-4488-8CE2-68BD5AC09B9F.jpegMassive lessons this week about how much we really do create our own reality. The teacher/student in me wishes to share my very practical lesson, perhaps it can help. 

Herve and I had a big worldly lesson about being naive and overly trusting (around a US Craigslist house rental ad) Fortunately we lost no money so managed to learn the ‘preparation for America’ lesson without too much material consequence. 

However, what I did notice is how easily and quickly my mind moved into a state of anger and suspicion and fear about my future. I had allowed myself to get attached to my ego and off I went! Suddenly I recalled all my past bad experiences and started the fear trap of illusion. 

Here is where my real lesson occurred! 

I slipped into an alternative universe that reflected perfectly my fear and suspicion. Suddenly my neighbours started fighting, I saw a shopkeeper taking photographs of a man she suspected of stealing (more arguments), people on the roads were more aggressive out of nowhere, and just in general people were rude, incompetent or annoying. 

Fortunately for me I have a great Guidance team who always help me to learn my lessons quickly and I’m a quick learner 🙂 so this all only lasted a day. But what a day!! Urghh! I also have an incredible husband and great friends/ healers around me who assisted me to verbally share my experiences si I could work out what was happening and then help me realign to a state of reassuring calm, peace and love. Now everything has returned to normal as I breathe in more and more love and express gratitude for the teachings. 

What a learning! 

A great big neon signpost showing me in a way I will never forget that our thoughts are reflected externally as if we have a big circular mirror that surrounds us at all times… facing inwards! (I put an exclamation mark there as I used to visualise an outward facing mirror of protection before I learned about how energy flows). Literally everything and everyone allows us to ‘see’ and experience in a tangible way what we are feeling and thinking inside. It ‘brings into life’ in ways that assist our growth: we may experience what we judge or what we envy or what we fear. To help us to recognise these hidden parts of ourself. What a precious gift life gives us, we truly are Creators on ALL levels. I knew this mentally before but this week I got to witness it in all its glory like I was sitting in the classroom of a Master. 

In the past, these reflections came back to us more slowly so we sometimes did not realise it was a consequence of our own own creative abilities. But in this NOW, things happen quicker. We see an almost immediate reflection of our internal mental and emotional states. 

So my question to you is what are you currently experiencing around you? Is love and beauty, gratitude and joyful bliss being reflected back to you? (I know many of you will say YES!) or are there other lessons you are currently learning? Either way, you are Love and you are Loved. There is no doubt you are ascending into Love ♥️

Know that just as when we allow ourselves to be triggered by events that shift us into fear based negative thinking, we can also shift our focus to more forgiveness and acceptance … which will likewise be reflected back to us. 

Just in awe of Universal LOVE 💖 

The lesson: 

Be mindful of your thoughts and reactions. Realise how much we are One, the world is reflecting back all that you energetically create so create the life you want to exist in! Make considered choices (in ALL areas of your life) and take responsibility for them. 

Release all fear and feelings of having no control or being seperate. 

Experience Oneness. Expand into Love. This is not being naive or simplistic: this is being a Master Creative Force. 



Staying in Flow through great changes

Times are changing. We are all feeling it.
Many people are feeling their life changing at this time: how we used to define ourselves is no longer relevant, what was familiar and comfortable, no longer fits.
Some of us are struggling to cope in the ‘same-old, same-old’ life and feeling stuck as they know they have changed inside but everything looks the same on the outside. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative. Nothing is clear. Who are you if you are not…(that ‘thing’ that you were before?)
It’s a challenging time of surrendering to the void, to the “I don’t know” and letting go of everything that no longer serves you. This change, that can be very chaotic, is necessary in these times of great transition. Try not see it with fear but rather with compassion for yourself and the enormous growth you are experiencing. The key is to surrender to that space of not holding any definitions of yourself at all. No “I am….this or that” …just being.
And if you allow yourself to enter into that space and stop trying so desperately to grab and cling and distract and fill and remake the crumbling tower…then you will finally find the silence and peace of being empty.  And then …something can be born out of the ashes of what you have released. Because now there is space and the universe will always fill a void. You have the opportunity to become whole. 
Let yourself be gently pulled towards what your soul wishes to express. Do not try to define it or capture it in words…simply let it be free to coil like tendrils into the creative force of life.
You are divine.
You are love.
You are the Creative force of Life. 

Mary Magdalene and the authentic feminine experience


Mary Magdalene is very ‘present’ now as it is time to embody the power and wisdom of the Divine Feminine/ daughter Sophia, and express this in our everyday lives. This is not to downplay the glory of the masculine, but rather to lift both up to the status of divine grace.
This means owning your minds, your bodies and your hearts in their true, authentic nature, whatever that may be. A unique expression of life unruled by social norms and expectations, either by your families or other women or men or by your culture or even your own limitations on what you allow yourself to be. Ultimately it means taking responsibility for all that we are and all that we create.
The ‘story’ of Mary Magdalene has been greatly changed to suit the theology of whoever has relayed it, edited it, confused it or simply excluded it. In essence she portrayed the divine concept of unconditional Love and acceptance and dedication. Her loyalty and willingness to be humbled by the divinity of her beloved are great lessons for all of us. The initiation of her passion for Christ, washing his feet with her ointments and tears, was her surrendering to her soul’s desires and releasing the ego. However in the bigger scheme of things she played out the divine Sophia energy whereby she exalted her earthly passions and desires into divine spiritual perfection.
She has come forward again to assist us on our own unique journeys to control our passions and desires and lift them to the GREAT DIVINE LOVE OF ALL. Not just our family and friends but everyone and everything we share this world with: our animal friends and all the sentient beings in nature…to know, understand and love ALL of nature: our own nature and the Mother around us who gave us our life.
For a long time woman have experienced being told who they are and what they could and could not do, but rather than resist, we are being asked at this time to create anew, unlike anything that has come before in any time or space. To forge a new path of our own.We are all people in a collective consciousness but we are also unique beings of Light. What is your unique presence? Allow the magdalene energy to flow through you once more.
How does it want to be expressed in this NOW?
(Thank you MM for your teachings and your love)

The Ascension Journey: The 3 stages of Soul Clearing by Lady Nada – Channeled through Natalie Glasson. 9th February 2018

“The most beautiful spiritual practice that I can share with you and which we encourage on the inner planes 8th Ray of Light is to become familiar with whom you are in each given moment, without judgment or expectation. It is a sacred and loving acceptance of all that you are, which offers an in-depth insight into the ascension process your soul is moving through.

Stage One

Your soul is currently exploring expansion. The first stage of cleansing your soul is currently experiencing is the process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator. This is a very beautiful process because your soul is releasing and letting go of many energies, perceptions, wounds, patterns and limitations that it has carried through many a lifetime. This process of release takes place through your soul expanding its energy at an earthly physical level and a spiritual inner planes level. It is a great moment of celebration, your soul is ready and feels safe to magnify and multiply its energy, thus enhancing its power. As your soul expands releasing and letting go of unneeded energies so its vibration quickens and an experience of liberation dawns. Your soul is free to exist without limitations, merging more fully with all aspects of your being, Mother Earth an d the earthly reality while also exploring the Universe of the Creator. Remember that you are the Creator therefore you fill and exist within everything. Your soul is exploring its connection with all that is the Creator and embodying the truth of the Creator. This is extremely invigorating, activating and pleasurable for your soul because your soul is journeying through remembrance of all that it is as an expression of the Creator.

Through expansion, your soul is creating space to receive, collect and embody more of itself and the Creator. Your soul is exploring the abundance, fulfilment and wholeness of the Creator, awakening and drawing these sacred energies into its core. All that your soul is experiencing on the inner planes and the Earth is filtering into your physical body. The vibrations, consciousness and shifts taking place in higher aspects of your soul are impacting every part of your being and life upon the Earth. You have the ability to draw these energies and the joy the higher aspects of your soul are experiencing into your being and existence now.

‘I am speaking to all aspects and levels of my soul. As you move through a process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator, I surrender all that I am to daily receive the benefits of my soul’s current expansion journey and progression. I am an embodiment of the highest truth of my soul upon the Earth now. Thank you.’

Stage Two

Quickening of lower vibrations. Your soul is delving deep into the lower vibrations of all that you are. Your soul is empowered and is carrying magnified light into stagnant, lower vibrational energies within your being and within other embodiments of your soul on the Earth, simultaneous lifetimes and on the inner planes. Your soul is anchoring so much light into lower vibrations of your being that all that is your soul is vibrating, pulsating and becoming powerfully energetic. This is encouraging higher aspects of your soul to quicken, becoming powerful beacons of light. As your entire being, reality and soul vibrate at a quicker rate, so the Creator showers you in blessings, light and love. This is immensely empowering as it enhances your feeling of being supported and loved unconditionally by the Creator. Your soul soars synthesising and remembering the Creator, establishing new connections and showering your being with such positivity, truth and excitement. Your physical self and personality begin to release with ease all perspectives of lack and pain, as there is an overwhelming feeling of being loved and supported by the Creator that creates a beautiful flow and fulfilment to your life and existence upon the Earth.

Due to the current cleansing mission of your soul, you may feel negative or painful energies becoming more visible within your being as your soul vibrates the light into lower energies to transform them. At the same time, you may experience empowering feelings of being loved, supported and blessed, as your reality flows with ease and perfection. It may feel as if your dreams are manifesting in your reality. Be aware that you may swing from recognising the pain within your being to feeling completely fulfilled and loved. This will be natural at this time, and there is a need to simply accept that your soul is working on a very deep level for the greater good of your ascension.

Stage Three

Your soul is contemplating and experiencing its wholeness. Your soul is magnifying all the beautiful Creator qualities it recognises itself as, sending waves of these sacred qualities into your entire being. Due to this, you may experience surges of energy, emotions or feelings moving through your being at different times throughout your day. Such surges could cause confusion as from nowhere you may find yourself feeling blissfully happy or deeply connected. You may also experience inspiration to take action in your life or to develop certain skills and abilities. This is a beautiful process as it will allow you to become more familiar with the sacred qualities at the very core of your being and essence.

To contemplate and experience the wholeness of your being your soul will begin to download light vibrations from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Dimensions, Inner Plane chambers and so much more. This is a way of activating new beautiful Creator qualities within your being and at the core of your soul. As new light vibrations from throughout the Universe of the Creator penetrate your soul and entire being, remembrance of the wholeness of your being will dawn, with new previously unrecognised qualities and abilities emerging to be observed and accepted. When you experience energies flowing and pouring into your being, know that it is your soul contemplating the fullness and wholeness of your being. It is a time of celebration and awakening of all that is your truth.

Please know I, Lady Nada, am present to support you in the cleansing and evolution of your soul,

Lady Nada

Read the full message here: https://www.omna.org/the-three-stages-of-soul-cleansing/

The Book of Knowledge: keys of Enoch

Loved this part…

“Consciousness is the directing force.

Matter and mind  simply do not come out of a simplified evolutionary material realm, but mind and matter come out of the consciousness realm, that links us with the much greater evolutionary possibility of creation. We see it in all its various form, appearing now on our doorstep.

..We need a new definition of: What is scientific truth? What is Spiritual realty and how we all exemplify this in the sense of Unconditional Love we have for one another? And thus, as we open the Book of Life, we realise that we are co-creators in the next chapter of the Book of Life. We have a brighter future if we decide to go with the positive spiral into the greater cosmos rather than hold on to the material aspects of the old paradigms that are basically being removed or falling in to the lower spiral of negativity.”

We are part of a vasty intelligent universe 🙂

Using Colour to help your Healing/ Ascension process

Colour is an easy and powerful tool to bring more focussed energy into your BEing. Colour is simply LIGHT and Light is made up of wavelengths…each colour represents a colour that our eyes perceive along this spectrum of Light waves. Just like a rainbow splits the LIGHT into the ‘rays’ we can see with our eyes when it passes through a prism. You can learn more about colour theory here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPPYGJjKVco


Humans perceive a relatively limited range of colours because we have just 3 cones in our eyes that are sensitive to visible light which lies in a very small region of the electromagnetic spectrum of 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) and a colour range of red through to violet. Fun fact: dogs have 2 cones, butterflies have 5 cones and mantis shrimp have 12…makes you wonder what they are seeing, doesn’t it?!

Now everything is energy. Even science is discovering this and everything can be measured on scales of vibration and frequency. Everything that IS has a particular vibrational frequency: all actions, all words, all thoughts, all things,…even people, animals, and objects. Sounds have vibrational frequency and so does colour.

Our life is simply a reflection of our state or level of consciousness which we can relate to our chakras or energy vortexes. They correlate to:

But all things are MIND. If you close your eyes, you can bring  any colour in to your mind. You start to ‘see/feel’ the colour with your mind’s eye (or 3rd eye). Additionally, as we evolve, we can perceive more and more of the LIGHT spectrum.

When we visualise a  particular colour, we effortlessly and easily align ourselves with the vibrational frequency of that colour. You can use this for healing that area of your life (focused through the correlating chakra).

Intention, as always, is the key.

The Female sexual energy- Untamed

Shakti: the very essence of Divine Creative Energy.

It is up to all of us, individually, to reclaim this creative life force by simply owning our own divine personal sexual expression….with free abandon! 🙂

The Divine Feminine energy encapsulate  and manifests THE Creation life force. When we allow this life force energy to flow, we move into a better state of health, vitality, receptivity and creativity. This is a very personal healing journey (centred around the sacral chakra) that many women are experiencing at this time.

Reclaiming the Goddess within is sacred work!

(Art gifs by George Redhawk)

For when the divine feminine and divine masculine energy come together in equality, we create a sacred union and become whole. We hold both energies within and thus this process happens within each person! but is also symbolically expressed between persons.

We all hold aspects of the Divine Feminine within and thus we are able to call in and hold the qualities of love, beauty, acceptance, receptivity, gentleness, nurturing kindness, intuition, priestess devotion and insight and the stored memory of the ages. When we are able to bring these gifts into a sacred union with our Divine Masculine energies of order, form, organisation, action, confidence and assertiveness, we are able to manifest our whole Truth. This sacred union gives birth to a new positive energy which can find positive expression in the world.

We can see all kinds of dysfunction in our world when we lack balance within.

On a daily basis, we allow, accept and even perpetuate many myths, negative imagery and limiting beliefs about the female sexual energy and the female form. This disrespect towards women and the feminine energies has also resulted in widespread rejection of the wisdom of the heart, gentleness and the healing arts…now finally starting to change. There are many, many ways women are taught to feel guilt and shame for their own powerful form and sexual energy. The female sexual energy is often seen as a source of power that needs to be harnessed, controlled, hidden, ‘fixed up’ or suppressed in one form or another. these are some examples I can think of..

  • The female form is overly distributed in it’s naked form so as to desensitise and cheapen it’s beauty. To make it seem trashy and ‘easy’ and objectified for pleasurable gratification. Pornification of the female from and sexual union.
  • Societies may force the submission of the feminine power by demanding it be hidden in some way through overt or discreet dress codes, enforced through disapproval and judgement. Women can be banned from certain areas due to her ‘uncleanliness’ or ability to distract.
  • Western mythology has attached female sexuality to Original Sin (Eve). This shame can run very deep within the psyche and cause confusion around the archetypal roles of the Mother/Madonna/dove and the prostitute/whore/snake, particularly when women become mothers.
  • Some women (and some men in certain industries) feel that the natural female form is not perfect just as it is and needs some form of adjustment, either surgical or structural.  Women can feel the pressure for the push up bra, high heels or even cosmetic surgery to enhance the ideal shape or remove the imperfections.

To become more aware of how we are personally giving away your own feminine energy and power is a good first step. To observe how we are not owning our Truth and power.

We are all energy connected to ALL. When we allow your own perceptions of our human sexuality to shift in a more positive way and step into our own sexual expression, we affect the consciousness of the whole human collective. Healing our wounds and moving forward into Grace and Honour of who and what we truly are: Creative beings.

You are a Life Force of Divine feminine creative energy!

Own it.

Be it

Express it.  …in your own unique way!

and have fun 🙂